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First In Assam GK || Assam General Knowledge for Competitive Exams




First In Assam GK

Persons who accomplish any achievement for the first time set a benchmark for others to follow and as such make the whole nation feel proud of them. Since these individuals achieve what had not been previously achieved by anyone before them, it becomes indispensable to be aware of them.

In this post, we are sharing with you the one-liner from Assam GK which is important from the point of view of all the upcoming competitive examinations in Assam, hope this information will be useful for you.

Assam GK  Important one-liner (First In Assam GK)

  • First Arjuna award winner from Assam: Bhugeswar Barua (1966)  
  • First Assamese graduate and IAS: Arundaram Baruah
  • First medical school in Assam: Barry white medical school (Dibrugarh medical College) 
  • First Assamese woman justice of high court: Meera Sharma  
  • First Assamese to receive PhD: Maidul Islam Bora 
  • First Assamese woman graduate: Sudhalota Dowarah 
  • First President of Assam Sahitya Sobha: Padmanath Goain Barua  
  • First Assamese to climb mount Everest: Tarun Saikia (2013)  
  • First Bharat Ratna awardee from Assam: Gopinath Bordoloi
  • First Governor of Assam: Sir Akbar Hydari 
  • First Assamese Governor of Assam: Bishnuram Medhi  
  • First Assamese poetess and First Assamese female short story writer: Jamuneswari khatonier  
  • First Assamese film: Joymoti (1935) 
  • First institution for higher education in Assam: Cotton College  
  • First undergraduate engineering college in Assam: Assam Engineering College (1955)  16. First Assamese children‟s novel: Patalpuri (Horgovind Sharma) 
  • First Assamese Ambedkar award winner: Chetana Das (2000)  
  • First Assamese novel: Bhanumoti (Padmanath Gohain Baruah, 1890)  
  • First Assamese novel based on tribal life of Assam: Miri Jiyori  
  • First Assam Valley literacy award winner: Bhobendra nath saikia (1990) 
  • First general secretary of Assam sahitya sobha: Sharat Chandra Goswami  
  • The first printing press of Assam: Mission Press (Sivsagar) 
  • First Radio station of Assam: Guwahati and Shillong (1948) 
  • First Film studio of Assam: Jyoti Chitrabon (1968)  
  • First Assamese scientist to visit Antarctica: Raghab Chandra Deka  
  • First Assamese woman chief Minister: Saiyada Anwara Taimur 
  • The first thesis of Assam: „Assamese: Its formation and development‟ (Banikanta Kakati)  
  • First Assamese Film director: Pramathesh Barua (Devdas, Bengali film, 1934)  
  • First Assamese Monthly magazine: Arunudoi (Editor-Nathan Brown)  
  • First Assamese bibliography: Axomia puthir talikia (Devananda Bharali,1912) 
  • First Assamese book to receive Sahitya Academy Award: Bonphul (Jatindra Nath Duworah,1955) 
  • First Assamese novel to win Sahitya Academy Award: Iyaruingam 
  • The first chief justice of Guwahati high court: Haliram Deka 
  • First Assamese recipient of gold medal in Asian games: Bhugeswar Baruah (1966) 
  • First Assamese recipient of Gyanpith Award: Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya (For his book  Mrityunjoy)
  • First Assamese modern play: Ram Navami (Gunabhiram Baruah,1857)    
  • The first mobile theatre group of Assam: Kohinoor Opera (1930)  
  • First Assamese commercial mobile theatre: Natraj (1963)  (Kohinoor theatre was founded by Sri Ratan Lahkar in 1976) 
  • First Assamese film to receive the national award: Piyoli Phukan (1955)  
  • First Assamese film directed by Bhupen Hazarika: Arabator Hur (1956)
  • First Assamese colour film: Bhaiti (1972)
  • First Assamese partly colour film: Shakuntola, directed by Bhupen Hazarika (1961) 
  • First Assamese children magazine: Lora Bandhu (1888, Karunabhiram Baruah)  
  • First Assamese woman magazine: Ghar Jeoti (Editor- Kamalloya Kakati)  
  • First Assamese recipient of Padmashri and Padma Bhusan: Krishnakanto Handique (1967)  
  • First Assamese recipient of Gyanpith Award, woman: Mamoni Roisom Goswami (2000)  54. First Assamese chief justice of supreme court: Parvati Kumar Goswami 
  • The first speaker of Assam legislative assembly: Babu Basanta Kumar Das  
  • The first recipient of Padma Bhusan, woman: Pushpalata Das (1999) 
  • First freedom fighter of Assam: Kushal Konwar  
  • First Axom Ratna award: Dr. Bhupen Hazarika 
  • First Axom Ratna award Female: Mamoni Roisom Goswami  
  • Fist Assamese magazine for Elderly people: Uddipon  
  • First Assamese comic Film: Etu Hitu Bahutu  
  • First Assamese Minister in Union Cabinet, woman: Renuka Devi Borkotoki  
  • First Assamese Chairman of Sangeet Natak Academy: Dr. Bhupen Hazarika  
  • First Assamese play to be broadcasted over the air: Been Boiragi (Prafulla Chandra Baruah,1935)
  • First Non-Government college of Assam: J.B. College (1930) 
  • First Assamese Autobiography: “Mur Jiwan Huworon” by Lakhminath Bezbaruah  
  • First female president of Assam Sahitya Sobha: Naliniwala Devi  
  • First Assamese woman recipient of “Padmashri”: Naliniwala Devi 
  • First Assamese recipient of “Dada Saheb Phalke Award”: Bhupen Hazarika (1992)  
  • First Assamese recipient of Sankardev award: Bhupen Hazarika and Kritinath Hazarika (1987)  
  • First Assamese Drama: Sinhoyatra by Srimanta Sankardev
  • First Assamese play broadcast from Guwahati radio station: Dhoraloi Jidina Namibo Horog 
  • First Assamese musical feature film broadcast on the radio: Axomiyar Mat by Dr. Bhupen Hazarika 
  • First Assamese printed book: Dharma pustok (Atmaram Sharma,1813)  
  • First Assamese Prose: Kotha Geeta (Bhattadeva)  
  • First Assamese romantic poetry: Bon Kuwori (Chandra Kamal Agarwala) 
  • First Assamese Sonnet: Priyatomar Sithi
  • First Assamese Sonnet book: Malos (Hiteswar Borboruah,1918)  
  • First Assamese Film Maker: Jyotiprashad Agarwala 
  • First bridge over Brahmaputra: Saraighat bridge (1962) 
  • First Assamese woman IAS: Parul Das  
  • First Assamese international award winner film: Sagaroloi Bohudur (Directed by Jahnu Baruh)  
  • First Lok adalot in Assam: Hajo 
  • First woman doctor of Assam: Rajaniprabha Saikia 
  • First Assamese Lexicographer: Jaduram Dekabaruah (1939) 
  • First daily newspaper in Assam: Dainik Batori (1935)  
  • First English newspaper in Assam: Assam Tribune  
  • The first vice counsellor of Guwahati University was Krishna Kanta Handique 
  • First assamese to get Dada Saheb Phalke award: Dr. Bhupen Hazarika (1992)  
  • First Graduate of upper Assam: Jagannath Barua 
  • The First Assamese English dictionary was written by Jadu Ram Deka  
  • First-person from Assam to obtain literacy pension: Padma Nath Gohain Baruah 
  • First Assamese children movie: Abuj Bedona  
  • The first book of Assamese Poetry: Prahlad Sarit (Hem Saraswati, First Assamese Book)
  • First Assamese film to win president medal: Ronga Police (Directed by Nip Baruah, Silver medal) 



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