Dr. Harsh Vardhan (Health Minister) addresses Boston Center of Excellence; Says that ‘We are living in a phase of a silent war’


Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare digitally addressed the Boston Center of Excellence for Health and Human Development here today through Video Conference.

 Harsh Vardhan says on Kovid: “We are living in a silent war,” Dr Harsh Vardhan said of Yoga and Ayurveda” “The time has come for modern medical science and India’s traditional systems of medicine to work together to influence our lives with a holistic approach and to better deal with future diseases.

Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Dr Harsh Vardhan today addressed the Boston Centre of Excellence working in the field of Health and Human Development through video conferencing.

He congratulated the Boston Centre of Excellence (BOCE) and health and human development for gathering together experts for research on better treatment and better health care for human beings. Dr Harsh Vardhan likened the current epidemic to the temporary period of our civilization. He said, “We have not seen spanish flu, first World War and Second World War, but we are currently living in a silent war.


So far, 10 crore people have been killed and in many cases, many people did not have their close relatives in the last time. Even in his last rites, his kin could not be present and lakhs of people who have been cured are also going through a lot of health problems and financial crises. ‘

Describing the frontline workers, doctors, nurses, EMTs, ambulance doctors, etc., who performed their duties with all their lives at risk and bravery, described them as strong pillars of the health care system and spoke about India’s strategy to control the kovid.

In this regard, Dr Harsh Vardhan said, “This is not the first time nor the last time. But this Kovid-19 epidemic will soon become the forgotten bisra of the 21st century. Our protocol for the treatment of covid patients is now completely clear. The mortality rate of the infected patients is gradually decreasing. Soon we will get its vaccine and the number of cases will come down drastically in the next few months. ‘

Giving details that India has achieved excellence in all subjects of modern medicine from antibiotics to emergency care, surgery, immunity and vaccine, the Health Minister said that our main focus now is on the cost, quality and affordability of this system. Because it is becoming more complicated respectively.

He said that India has started using telemedicine technology to detect and treat the disease of people living in remote areas and at present about 7 lakh remote villages are being treated through it.

Dr Harsh Vardhan said that although the Kovid-19 epidemic has adversely affected millions of people, businesses and businesses, India has taken some steps to turn this calamity into an opportunity which can be considered as a ray of hope in the dark:-

  1. People have found that the closure of factories and large reductions in modes of transport have greatly reduced pollution and there has been a substantial change in the behaviour of the people to sustain these good results in future. The general public is also thinking about the conservation of mother nature.
  2. There is no need to attend the classroom and be imprisoned in any building to work in the office and to study in school and college. The global community has successfully established the global office and class rooms beyond these limits using their telecom capabilities.
  3. The speed at which we are engaged in making vaccines for this epidemic will have a very serious impact on new technology and we will work expeditiously on the discovery of medicines in the near future, reducing its price and making it affordable for the poorer sections of the population. The vaccine, which was yet to take 10 years in the search process, is now being completed in just 10 months – including the development, testing and subsequent market of vaccines.
  4. Information about drug discovery will help us to work in new to new areas to find a diagnosis of many serious diseases that cannot be treated with anti-biotics. He also expressed hope that the ongoing research in this regard will also help in the treatment of super-bugs.

Talking about Yoga and Ayurveda, the Health Minister said that these are “India’s visits to the world. He said, “the ancient knowledge and health management system has been using these natural remedies for centuries. The time has come for the modern system of medicine and India’s traditional medical system to influence the lives of human beings with a holistic approach and better diagnose their diseases. ”

Dr Harsh Vardhan invited experts and researchers in medical science and technology to visit India to work closely with scientists and experts from India and create a massive collaborative platform to provide treatment to people across the world.




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