Bihar Gk One-Liner Questions for BPSC Exam 2021


Bihar Gk:  In this article, we will study the very important One-Liner Questions of Bihar General Knowledge which is important for the upcoming Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC Exam 2021) Examination. Since the BPSC Exam is asked a lot of questions based on the general knowledge of the state, for this reason, if you have to ensure your place in the exam then you need to pay attention to all the topics and Bihar General Knowledge is one of them. So let’s start studying these questions of Bihar general knowledge.

Bihar Gk One-Liner Questions in English

 1. Which revolt is known as Ganganarayan Hungama?

Ans: Land revolt


 2. In which financial year, the Bihar Animal Science University bill- 2016 notified?

Ans: 2016- 17

 3. On which date Prince of Wales visited Patna?

Ans: 22nd December, 1921

4. When was the district of Santhal Pargana formed?

Ans: 30th November, 1856

 5. Which Indian did Robert Clive appoint Nayab Deewan of Bihar?

Ans: Shitab Rai

 6. For which project, Nepal and India signed a treaty in 1959?

Ans: Gandak

7. Under which scheme is the Hanuman Nagar Barrier Dam built?

Ans: Koshi Project

8. Which stone age site is known as Shwetpur, Kotigram Kushpallav, Vishalnagri, etc.?

Ans: Chechar

 9. When is Bihar Earth Day celebrated?


Ans: 9th August

10. Which Pala ruler donated 200 villages to Nalanda Mahavihara?

Ans: Dharampala 

11. Which Pala ruler is known as the second founder of Pala dynasty?

Ans: Mahipal

12. Which Pala ruler defeated Pratihara ruler Vatsraj and Rashtrakuta ruler Dhruv?

Ans: Dharampala

13. The earliest mention of arrival of Turks in India can be found in which book?

Ans: Tabakat- i- Nasiri

14. Which practice was banned by law in Akbar’s regime?

Ans: Sati pratha

15. Which famous Irani tourist visited the Shaif Khan Madarsa?

Ans: Ahmed Bahani

16. Which renowned German researcher has done a research on Mithila painting?

Ans: Eric Smith

17. Which king is known as ‘Part of Kali’, ‘universal’, ‘Reincarnation of Parshuram’, ‘Bhargava’‘ekrat‘?

Ans: Mahapadmanand

18. Which ruler changed the capital of Magadha from Patliputra to Vaishali?


Ans: Shishunag

19. Which ruler made Patliputra the capital of Magadha? Ans: Udayin 10. Which ruler built Patliputra?

Ans: Udayin

20. Where is Bhagwa Chaur located in Bihar? Ans: Saharsa 12. Which ruler is known as the founder of the second Afghan Empire?

Ans: Sher Khan

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21. Which ruler is known as the forerunner of Akbar?

Ans: Shershah Suri

22. Under which Mauryan ruler Magadha faced a famine of 12 years?

Ans: Chandragupta Maurya

23. Which ruler built the kingdom of Magadha an empire?

Ans: Bimbisar

24. Who is credited to give the name ‘Patna’to Patliputra?

Ans: Shershah Suri

25. Which ruler established Patliputra as the capital of Magadha after which it remained so?

Ans: Kalasoka

26. The tomb of Shershah is an excellent specimen of which style of art?

Ans: Sur style or Afghan style

27. Which community had developed ‘Charvak Darshan’?


Ans: Lokayat community 

28. Where is graphite found in Bihar?

Ans: Jamui

29. Which emperor had a formal coronation?

Ans: Farukhshiar

30. Who is known as ‘Premchand of Bihar’?

Ans: Anup Lal Mandal

31. In which year the division in congress starts on the basis of its policies?

Ans: 20th Century

32. Which freedom fighter organized the Bihar Students Council?

Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

33. Which pillar inscription is known as ‘Rani ka Abhilekh’?

Ans: Pillar texts of Kaushambi and Prayag

34. Which park has been declared the first plastic-free zone of the state?

Ans: Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna

35. Asia’s largest and world’s second-largest rhinoceros reproduction center is located in which park?

Ans: Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna

36. In which decade the population growth of Bihar was negative (–0.97%)?


Ans: 1911- 1921

37. Which country shares its border with Bihar?

Ans: Nepal

38. When was the women’s equality granted autonomy in Bihar under Bihar Women Welfare Society?

Ans: April, 2006

39. When was State Archeological Directorate established?

Ans: In 1962

40. Jarasandh belonged to which dynasty?

Ans: Vrihdrath

41. Which item has the brand name of Kaushiki?

Ans: Silk Thread

42. What kind of forests are listed under government preservation?

Ans: Conserved forests

43. Which ruler played a vital role in the establishment of Nalanda University?

Ans: Kumargupta- I

44. Which empire’s rule is known as the golden period of Mithila?

Ans: Karnaat dynasty

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