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Best General Knowledge Questions for Kids, Age of 5 to 10 years



Children belonging to the 5 to 10 year age group are curious about everything in their surroundings. So engaging with the Basic General Knowledge questions will be a great help for them. The best way to improve a kid’s knowledge is to increase his inclination towards general knowledge and awareness. This would help a kid to be aware of his surroundings and help in surviving the competitive world. He would be able to relate to the varied facets of the world and its functioning.

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Best GK Questions for Kids

Here we are sharing Best GK Questions for kids to explore and expand their General Knowledge level.

General Knowledge for your kids given below- 

Q.1  What is the sound made by a horse?

Ans- Neigh

Q.2  The young one of Elephant is

Ans- Calf

 Q.3  Which river is infamous as the ‘Sorrow of Bengal”?

Ans- Damodar River

Q.4  _ is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ

Ans- Christmas

Q.5  Which is the harvest festival in Assam?

Ans- Bohag Bihu 

Q.6  Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of _.

Ans- Kerala

Q.7  Which is the national sport of India?

Ans- Hockey

Q.8  What does the heart pump?

Ans- Blood

Q.9  The longest river in India

Ans- Ganga

Q.10  Which is the national fruit of India?

Ans- Mango

Q.11  How many spokes does the wheel in the Indian Flag have?

Ans- 24 spokes

Q.12  Who is the first citizen of India?

Ans- President of India

Q.13  Where does a pig live?

Ans- Sty

Q.14 Who is Paulo Coelho?

Ans: Brazilian Novelist

Q.15 A figure with 6 sides is known as ________.

Ans: Hexagon

Q.16 What do UPS stand for?

Ans: Uninterrupted Power Supply

Q.17 At which temperature does water boil?

Ans: 100◦C

Q.18 Name the acid in lemon.

Ans: Citric acid

Q.19 Which is the first animal to land on the moon?

Ans: Laika, The dog

Q.20 Name the two Oceans in which Australia is sandwiched between?

Ans: The Indian Ocean and The Pacific Ocean

Q.21 What do AM and PM stand for?

Ans: AM stands for Ante Meridiem and PM stands for Post Meridiem

Q.22 Statue of Liberty is in _.

Ans- New York City

Q.23  Who was the first Prime Minister of India?

Ans- Jawaharlal Nehru

 Q.24  Which state is known as the ‘fruit bowl’ of India?

Ans- Himachal Pradesh

Q.25 How many legs does a spider have?

Ans – Eight

Q.26  Who is popularly known as the “Iron Man of India”?

Ans- Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel 

Q.27  What is the sound made by a duck?

Ans- Quack quack

Q.28  The national currency of India is

Ans- Rupee

Q.29  The young one of a kangaroo is

Ans- Joey

Q.30 Name the five layers of Earth’s atmosphere.

Ans: Exosphere, Thermosphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere and Troposphere

Q.31 Name the border of India and Pakistan.

Ans: Radcliffe Line 

Q.32 What is Ablutophobia?

Ans: It is the Fear of Bathing

We hope these “GK Questions for Kids” helps to boost-up your children’s knowledge level, if you have any questions or suggestions please mention in comment section.


Top 10 Kindergarten Graduation Quotes 2023




Kindergarten Graduation Quotes: Congratulations, Dear parents and loved ones! Your little preschool graduate has traversed an incredible journey, and now, it’s time to rejoice in the momentous occasion of graduation. This milestone in education is not just a mere event; it’s a testament to the remarkable growth and achievements of our young ones. As we celebrate their kindergarten graduation, we are filled with pride, witnessing the fruits of their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

So let us join together to send our heartfelt best wishes to these young achievers for completing their first year of school. This celebration is to be noticed, as it Symbolizes the beginning of a promising future where possibilities are boundless, and dreams know no bounds. Here’s to our beloved kindergarten graduates – may they continue to soar, making us proud every step of the way!

Best Kindergarten Graduation Quotes: “kindergarden congratulations kindergarten graduation quotes “

  • Kindergarten graduation marks the end of an enchanting chapter and the beginning of new adventures.
  • Tiny hands in graduation caps, ready to embrace the world with wonder and curiosity.
  • Today, we celebrate the leaders, thinkers, and dreamers of tomorrow.
  • Celebrating our little graduates who’ve bloomed like flowers in the garden of learning.
  • Kindergarten graduation: a sweet farewell to innocence, welcoming a world of growth.
  • Proud parents watch as their little ones take their first step towards a bright future.
  • Graduation caps in vibrant colors symbolize the diverse talents of our young graduates.
  • From finger-painting to ABCs, they’ve grown into confident learners before our eyes.
  • Cheers and applause fill the air as these young stars shine on their special day.
  • Kindergarten graduation – a milestone of laughter, friendships, and endless possibilities.

As we reach the end of our journey through the “Top 10 Kindergarten Graduation Quotes 2023,” we are reminded of this milestone’s immense joy and significance for our young graduates. These inspiring quotes encapsulate the essence of childhood wonder, innocence, and limitless potential, reflecting the heartwarming moments shared in the classroom and beyond.

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Is Sophomore Year Harder Than Freshman? Tips for Surviving Your Second Year of College




Is sophomore year harder than freshman? It’s a question that many students ask themselves as they prepare to embark on their second year of college. After all, freshman year is often touted as the most challenging year of college. But is it true that sophomore year is easier? In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of sophomore year to determine whether it’s harder than freshman year.

What is Sophomore Year?

Sophomore year is the second year of college. During this year, students are familiar with college life and have a better understanding of what to expect. They are more comfortable with the campus, have established relationships with professors, and have made friends with other students. Sophomore year is when students explore their interests and passions more deeply, taking specialized courses in their chosen fields.

Is Sophomore Year Harder Than Freshman Year?

The answer to this question is not as simple as a yes or no. Sophomore year and freshman year both have their unique challenges. However, there are several reasons why sophomore year can be more difficult than freshman year.

  1. More Specialized Courses: During sophomore year, students typically begin taking courses more focused on their major. These courses can be more challenging and require more work than general education courses students take during their freshman year.
  2. Higher Expectations: Professors expect more from sophomore students because they are no longer new to college. They assume that students better understand the expectations and demands of college life.
  3. Less Structure: Freshman year often involves a lot of structure, such as mandatory meetings and study sessions. Sophomore year, on the other hand, is often less structured, which can make it more challenging for some students to stay on track.
  4. Career Planning: During sophomore year, students begin to think more seriously about their career paths. This can be a source of stress and anxiety as students try to figure out what they want to do after graduation.

Tips for Surviving Sophomore Year

While sophomore year can be challenging, there are several things that students can do to make it easier:

  1. Stay Organized: With less structure, staying on top of assignments and deadlines is important. Use a planner or calendar to keep track of important dates and to-do lists.
  2. Seek Help When Needed: Be bold and ask for help if you’re struggling. Professors, advisors, and tutors can provide support and assistance.
  3. Get Involved: Join clubs or organizations that align with your interests. This can help you make new friends and provide a sense of community.
  4. Take Care of Yourself: Self-care is important for managing stress and staying healthy. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet.

sophomore year can be more challenging than freshman year. However, students can thrive during their second year of college with the right mindset and strategies. By staying organized, seeking help when needed, getting involved, and taking care of themselves, students can make the most of their sophomore year and set themselves up for success in the future.

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MP RTE Lottery Result 2022: आज निकली गयी आरटीई के तहत प्रवेश के लिए ऑनलाइन लॉटरी, SMS के जरिये दी जाएगी जानकारी 




MP RTE Lottery Result: राइट टू एजुकेशन यानि आरटीई के अंतर्गत सत्र 2022-23 के लिए मध्यप्रदेश राज्य के निजी विद्यालयों में बच्चों के निःशुल्क प्रवेश के लिए आज दिनांक 14 जुलाई 2022 को दोपहर 2:30 बजे ऑनलाइन माध्यम से लॉटरी निकाली गई। बता दें, इस प्रक्रिया के अंतर्गत लॉटरी में चयनित हुए बच्चों के पास दर्ज मोबाइल नं. पर एसएमएस के माध्यम से संदेश भेजकर सूचना दी जाएगी। 

जानें क्या है RTE

आरटीई एक्ट 25 यानि राइट टू एजुकेशन एक्ट 25 के अंतर्गत पात्र बच्चों को देश के मान्यता प्राप्त निजी विद्यालयों में निःशुल्क प्रवेश दिया जाता है। इस प्रक्रिया के लिए देश के सभी नागरिक अपने बच्चों के लिए आवेदन कर सकते हैं। प्रक्रिया में आवेदन के लिए जाती, पंथ, धर्म या श्रेणी से संबन्धित कोई सीमा निर्धारित नहीं की गई है। अभिभावक पात्रता मानदंड, निजी विद्यालयों में रिक्त सीटों की संख्या तथा आवेदन से संबन्धित अधिक जानकारी RTE की मोबाइल एप्लिकेशन पर जाकर प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। 

जुलाई 2022 तक ले सकेंगे प्रवेश 

इस वर्ष इस योजना के अंतर्गत राज्य के लगभग 2 लाख अभिभावकों द्वारा अपने बच्चों के प्रवेश के लिए आवेदन कराये गए थे। इनमें से तकरीबन 1,70,000 बच्चे इस योजना का लाभ लेने पात्र माने गए हैं। इन्हीं पात्र बच्चों में से ऑनलाइन लॉटरी के माध्यम से चयनित बच्चों को स्कूल/विद्यालय आवंटित किए जाएंगे। चयनित बच्चे आवंटित विद्यालय  में 23 जुलाई 2022 तक प्रवेश ले सकते हैं। निर्धारित तिथि के बाद बच्चों को निःशुल्क प्रवेश नहीं दिया जाएगा। 

दोपहर 2:30 बजे निकली गयी लॉटरी आरटीई के अंतर्गत बच्चों के निजी  विद्यालयों में निःशुल्क प्रवेश के लिए लॉटरी आज दोपहर 2:30 बजे निकली गई। बता दें, इस प्रक्रिया को यूट्यूब पर लाइव दिखाया गया था, ताकि आवेदक अभ्यर्थी तथा अन्य भी इसे देख सकें। अभिभावक यह प्रक्रिया इस यूट्यूब लिंक के जरिये देख सकते हैं। इस प्रक्रिया में बच्चों को लॉटरी में वरीयता तथा उनकी पसंद के अनुसार स्कूल/विद्यालय आवंटित किए जाएंगे।

ये भी पढ़ें-

RRB Group D प्रैक्टिस सेट 4: 17 अगस्त से शुरू होगी रेलवे भर्ती परीक्षा, विज्ञान पर बेहतर पकड़ दिलाएगी परीक्षा में सफलता, पढ़ें सम्भावित प्रश्न

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