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Videsh Consultants


Videsh Consultants

Location: Hyderabad
Branches: Chennai, Bangalore, Vijayawada, Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut
Countries Dealing In: Germany, Italy, Finland, Norway, Austria, Latvia, Poland, Canada, NewZealand, UK
Estabilished In: 2007

The team informed and engaged senior education advisors / consultants, who understand the need for students and their parents or sponsors. We strongly believe in customer service for students and institutions of our customers. Our student is strongly oriented approach to counseling resources, we offer students the most complete information possible about all the options available to help them make intelligent decisions. Our staff is well trained and well experienced issues international students. Most of them have visited almost all countries and most Europien institutions. With the help of regular seminars, sessions of personal self-development and evaluation of new technologies and learning methods, changes in policy, each member of our staff keeps your level of knowledge in the subject and brings add value to our services for students. They understand the needs of the driver of the student and the student in an ethical manner.


Videsh Consultz a team of young, experienced, trained professionals, including graduates from Germany and Italy. Together, they have great experience and a good understanding of the culture, the education system, universities abroad, and he can offer to Indian students in terms of career goals, employment and regulation.
Shashidhar Muniganti / Director

Shashidhar is the founder of the company and a graduate of the prestigious University of Halmstad, Sweden. From the start, he brought Videsh Consultz, to become one of the most famous and respected names in the industry. It provides leadership, management and operational expertise to the overall operation of the company with excellent management skills and expertise in the field of international relations. In addition, it is also responsible for the overall strategy, building relationships, interactions with other high-level business development and investor relations, etc. Europe is popular among engineering students, but soon appears as a place for other rivers as well.

Sainath Golla / Director

Sainath also co-founder and graduated from the prestigious Technical University of Dresden (TUD). He has over 6 years of very successful practice, diversified and promising in the educational services sector. He always seeks to change the business dynamics with the never say die attitude, passion and commitment to life, believes in market movement, and driven. Donations to his credit several national educational services, just to prove his principle of life – “If you can not be someone better not be No One,. But not for everyone” The Videsh Consultz, he is responsible of all business operations, marketing and strategic decision making.

Praveen support / Backend

Pavan led by our department applications and is one of the key members of the student team processing of visas, it is a continuous source of leadership for each. With the support of a dedicated team of branch managers / teams / consultants, managers, he manages all the front-end operations, including education, counseling, issues of visas and student notebooks. He developed very skills in solving problems, identify relevant issues, using reasonable conclusions and make responsible policy recommendations or strategies.

Siva Krishna HR / director of the Bangalore Office

Krishna Shiva is the founder of Bangalore and a graduate of the prestigious Bureau BTV, Germany. From the start, it has more than 5 years experience in the field of education and led Videsh Consultz, to become one of the most outstanding players in the Karnataka region and the official representative for the students of technological Visvesvaraya University. In Videsh Consultz, Bangalore, he is responsible for all business operations, marketing and strategic decision making. In the overall operation of the company with excellent skills in the management of international relations and specialization.

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Guidance and counseling of students eligible for the course, admission requirements, costs, fees and refund policy, completion of the course requirements, campus life and other relevant information about their research .
Applications for admission to full screening and pass them through recognized courier companies (DHL, TNT, UPS)
Facilitate the visits of representatives of universities / colleges for interviews / square / reception participate in activities.
Sending market reports and the basis for future students.

On Videsh Consultz we clearly understand the problems faced by students who want to study abroad. Students are often confused about choosing the course of the country and chaos during visa procedures. Keeping in mind the needs of students, we have developed our processes so that each separate task from the receipt of visa arrangements to travel smoothly and without problems

Head Office
G14 & 15, Kubera Towers,
Narayanguda, Hyderabad, AP, India.
Opp: Taj Mahal Hotel, Beside Narayanaguda FlyOver
+91 40 40030088, 40100249


Videsh consultz #16,2nd floor ,
Phoenix arcade,church street,
land mark BPL building mast kalander hotel,
Phone:+080 – 25582111, 40100249
Mobile :9686908888.
Email :bangalore@videshconsultz.com


A-101, sai Krishna apartment.
Opp sai baba temple, near Stella college,
vijaywada 520008,A.p
Phone:+91 0866-6645665 , +91 9848123999
Email: info@videshconsultz.com, anusha24hrs@yahoo.com

1st Floor, Bharathi Building Mahakavi G Road Opp. Spectrum Softech Karikkamuri, Kochi Kerala – 682011

Ph: 0484 4014222, 8129656222

Email: info@videshconsultz.com,

Tiruvandrum office

1st floor, Orchid, Next to Big Bazar Kesavadasapuram Trivandrum Kerala – 695011

Ph: 0471 4015500 / 4016600

Email: info@videshconsultz.com,

Calicut Office

1st floor, Thanveer Complex English church market West Nadakkavu, Calicut Kerala – 673011

Ph: 0495- 4015515 / 9072126434

Email: info@videshconsultz.com,

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