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Explore your options in UK

London Business School

lbs camous
Course Name: Masters in Finance Duration: 10-16 Months Established In: 1900 Fees: Rs. 36.9 Lakhs(1st Year Fees)
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University of Wolverhampton

WLV Campus
Course Name: M.Sc. Marketing
Duration: 12 Months
Established In:1992
Fees: INR 14.7 Lakhs
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Bath Spa University

Bath Spa Campus
Course Name: MA Business and Management
Duration: 1 Year
Established In: 1852
Fees: INR 20.8 Lakhs
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University of Leicester

University of Leicester campus
Course Name: Master of Business Administration
Duration: 1 Year
Established In: 1957
Fees:Rs 25.18 Lakhs
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Brunel University

Brunel University campus
Course Name: M.Sc. Data Science and Analytics
Duration: 12-15 Months
Established In: 1966
Fees: Rs. 28.1 Lakhs(First Year Fees)
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University of Leeds

University of Leeds Campus
Course Name: Bachelors of Mechatronics and Robotics
Duration: 3 Years
Established In: 1904
Fees: Rs. 27.13 Lakhs(First Year Fees)
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University of Manchester

Manchester campus
Course Name: M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering
Duration: 12 Months
Established In: 2004
Fees: Rs. 30.0 Lakhs(1st Year Fees)
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Bangor University

bangor campus
Course Name: MBA International Business
Duration: 12 Months
Established In: 1884
Fees: Rs. 18.5 Lakhs(1st Year Fees)
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