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The University of Sydney

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The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney

Course Name: Master of International Business
Duration: 60 Weeks
Established In: 1850
Fees: Rs 29.4 Lakhs (1st Year)
Mode of Learning: Full Time
Eligibility criteria: IELTS/TOEFL

The University of Sydney Overall rating: ★★★★☆ 4 based on 1 reviews
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• International Business Program is designed to provide students knowledge and skills applicable to development, strategy, and management of international business organisations
• It is suitable for experienced managers who want to improve their overall learning curve and advance their skills in managing cultural diversity of employees and teams

The first year of tuition

Payments components The quantity of 
The Australian dollar (AUD)
The quantity of 
Indian rupee (Rs.)
Tuition fees 40000 19,72,000

Other expenses 1 – Year

Payments components The quantity of 
The Australian dollar (AUD)
The quantity of 
Indian rupee (Rs.)
Hostel & Nutrition 14600 7,19,780
Personal expenses 1920 94656
Transport 1440 70992
Stationery and textbooks 720 35496
insurance 552 27214
Student Services and Amenities Fee 290 14297
Application fees 100 4930
Only AUD 19622 Rs. 9,67,365

*Calculated at the exchange rate 1 AUD = RS 49.3



Recruitment Companies:

KPMG, JP Morgan, Nestlé, Boston Analytics

Internships –

It also helps to find internships in well-known companies

• It takes 70th place in the best universities for abroad education
• 134 the number of countries represented by students
• The First University in Australia, founded in 1850 and is a member of the “Group of Eight”
• World-renowned reputation for academic excellence and is consistently ranked among the four Australian universities
• Provides a wide range of academic programs of any Australian university
• A large university library in the southern hemisphere
• Provides excellent employment and career prospects for students after graduation

Entry requirements for this course
12 Class: No particular tranche referred

Bachelors: 65%
Bachelors degree needs to:-
• be in commerce / business or other related field
• have 3 years work experience if the degree is in other disciplines
Experience: 3 years
Business experience if necessary if applicant holds a bachelor degree in a discipline other than business / commerce.

• Requirement – 7 Band
• Minimum result of 6.0 band

• Requirement – 96 points out of 120
• Minimum result of 17 in Reading, Listening and Speaking and 19 in Writing

• A minimum of 68 points out of 90
• Minimum C grade, A being the highest. The total score 67
• A minimum score of 51 is required

Application Process
Step 1 – Additional documents required
Passport Photocopy
Certified copies of High School and College Transcripts
A Page Statement of Motivation
English language knowledge point
Documents confirming expe rience work

Step 2 – Start the application online
• http://sydney.edu.au/study/admissions/apply/how-to-apply.html

Step 3 – The registration fee for this course
100 AUD => Rs 4930
Method of payment: credit card, money by bank transfer

Step 4 – Registration Deadline
• Intake March February 20, 2016
• Time Global Executive MBA application January 17, 2016
• Master of Project Management, Transport Management Master of Time: January 31, 2016
• Master of Information Technology, Master in Digital Communication and Culture period January 31, 2016
• Master Professional Engineer (Software), Master of Engineering (Software and food) Registration deadline January 31, 2016
• Professional Master Engineering application deadline (mechanical, structural and chemical and biomolecular) January 31, 2016
• Professional Master Engineering (Power, Biomedical, geomechanics, fluids, civil) Registration deadline January 31, 2016
• Master of Science in Engineering (Engineering Geomechanics) Registration deadline January 31, 2016
• Teacher learning of science and technology (Professional) Deadline January 31, 2016

Scholarships for this course
The University of Sydney offers scholarships Business Head of Postgraduate, the Indian stock exchanges, scholarships Australia, Sydney Achievers scholarship grants and international business – Dean for academic excellence for international students
Scholarship Amount: 38281 AUD => Rs 18.87 lakhs / –
Accommodation Details
Sydney University offers several options for life on campus, terraced houses residential colleges catered meals.
On campus living room offers a number of benefits for students. They can develop relationships with other people and get a sense of community, to participate in social, educational and cultural programs on campus, and take on leadership roles in a common environment.
Students Accommodation Services works
• Terraces
• Darlington House
• Salt house
• Nepean Lodge
• Nepean Room
• Yannadah

Hostel & Power costs the University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

The amount of the Australian dollar ($) The amount in Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Monthly $ 967 Rs. 47657
Annual $ 11.600 Rs. 5,71,880
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