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SAT Exam Guide

About SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

SAT is a standardized test conducted on the admission to university in the US paper. This test was conducted in 1926, the Security Council is part of the autonomous organization and nonprofit designated as the College Board, and developed and implemented by the Educational Testing Service on behalf of the College Board, the. This test is designed to analyze the knowledge, reading and writing, math students and other topics. When used in a university / college, who is abroad, you will be asked to provide the measurements obtained in the SAT exam. SAT is carried out 6-7 times per year in October, November, December, January, March, May and June.

SAT examination newest module was introduced in 2005, and it takes 3 hours and 45 minutes. Request of the SAT exam is the first step on how to find the right place where you can improve your skills to pursue their dreams. In addition, the bank SAT, there are other aspects to be considered by the university / college to ensure tolerance. high school classes also play an important role in providing access to the right university.

Types SAT

There are two types of SAT exams


This test is done to check the knowledge of students in reading, writing and math. The total duration of the exam is 3 hours and 45 minutes. Most students begin to prepare for the SAT in class 11 and take the exam in class 12.

Test Subject

This test is performed to examine the student’s knowledge in areas such as foreign languages English, history, mathematics, science, and. This test is based content allows students to demonstrate their achievements in specific areas where they excel.

Modes of Application


The student can ask the SAT exam through the official website of the College Board.
The guidelines below may be used by students who want to apply for the SAT
• Visit the official site and create a student profile
• Select a test center and a data center
• Please make your payment (payment can be made by credit card / debit card)

By Mail

Students can also download the registration form on the official website. After filling the application form, they must send it along with the registration fee (draft or check or money order) to the Programme SAT College, Princeton, NJ 08541, USA.

The eligibility criteria for the SAT

There are no specific criteria to take the SAT exam. A student enrolled in a high school can be used for this test.

SAT Examination Fee

The total cost to take this exam is $ 42 plus $ 52.5 (Regional Committee outside the United States). To test, students may pay an additional amount of $ 26 as a test fee.

Admit card availability of SAT

Candidate can download their admit card on the official site. They should take printout cards and admit to bring it to the examination room.

Test Centers

SAT is achieved through the major cities, including New Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, Cochin, Pune, is Mussoorie, Kodaikanal, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai.

Why SAT?

SAT is the most favorite nation study abroad conducted examination for higher education in foreign universities. This is the first step for students wishing to pursue higher education abroad. A total of 2 million students appear for this test every year and evaluating the test is accepted by most universities / colleges foreigners.

This test is performed to read the analysis, writing and math you learn in school before. It gives you an idea of the college, which as you’ll be able to manage your work of college courses. This test is completely transparent and there are no tricks, designed to trip you up. Candidate selection is not only based on their performance on the SAT, but also in their high school.

SAT test score is accepted worldwide. All major universities in the United States also account for the SAT. Normally, it checks the student’s readiness to pursue higher education in colleges and evaluates candidates on the knowledge and ability to apply this knowledge in a particular stream.

SAT Exam Pattern

Subject Time Duration Questions Type Marks
Math 70 min 44 Multiple-Choice
10 Grid-Ins
Critical reading 70 min 19 Sentence Completions

48 Reading Comprehension

Writing 60 min 18 Identifying Sentence Errors

25 Improving Sentences

6 Improving Paragraphs

Experimental 25 min Math, Reading, or
Grammar section
Total 3 hr. 45 min ___ 600-2400

Important dates on the SAT

SAT is administered 6 times per year in the period from October to June. You can not choose the date of the exam according to your ease. You need to do a training strategy in accordance with the dates of these exams. 2015-2016 Schedule for SAT exam is as follows:
• October 3, 2015
• November 7, 2015
• December 5, 2015
• January 23, 2015
• May 7, 2015
• June 4, 2015

Result declaration of SAT test

The results of SAT tests are usually announced in 4-5 weeks after the test. Candidates can get their results in real time on the official website. Upon receipt of the test results, they will be eligible for foreign universities to pursue higher education. Candidates will have the right to cancel your test score. SAT test score is accepted worldwide. All major universities in the United States also account for the SAT. Normally, it checks the student’s readiness to pursue higher education in colleges and assesses the knowledge and ability to apply this knowledge in a particular stream of the candidate.

Preparation Tips

Preparation for the SAT is a race, and no one can prepare a day to win this race. It takes a lot of hard work and concentration. There are two basic ways to prepare for the SAT. It includes courses for self-learning or coaching. If anyone is safe enough to be able to prepare well unattended, the car can be the best alternative to prepare for the SAT.

Also, if time is a constraint, and requires skillful direction in the preparation of the SAT exam, coaching classes are the best alternative. If you join these coaching classes, you will be provided with a team of experts to guide, training materials, the competitive environment, motivation, discipline, etc. This is the maximum you want to set a routine schedule of studies for the preparation of all actors. Preparation information on all subjects, including math, reading and writing are listed below:

Math Section Preparation Tips

In preparation for the branch of mathematics, you need a decent understanding of the formulas and speculation. You can not resolve this section without extensive knowledge of mathematics.

Number of questions: 54 (44 and 10 mesh in MCQ)

Duration: 70

Areas: Basic Arithmetic, Algebra I and II and Geometry


Make a schedule to practice mock test every week. This will help you recognize the scope of the week. Safety will provide you some geometric formulas at the start of the test. Make sure you remember the formula for the area, the Pythagorean theorem, the rule of the triangle, exponential average formula rules, etc.

Preparation information on the reading section

Reading section SAT test consists of three or four reading passages with increasing levels of difficulty. There will be a total of 40 questions to answer. The questions in this section will be asked to check the reading skills and includes a reading for main ideas, reading for detail, the essence of reading, skimming, understanding logical argument, recognize writers opinion , purpose and attitude.

Duration: 60 minutes


There will be a number of issues relating to the structure of grammar, so be careful when you try this section. Read the questions carefully and try to understand them.
Skimming and scanning are the two most important tools in reading. They will help you get the main idea. If you do not receive on time, you can not try everything.
• You can learn about skimming and scanning, reading articles.
• You should practice speed reading. This will be useful in this section.
• After the test is completed, the entire practice, just look at the results, and you get an idea about your week areas.

Preparation Tips for writing section

SAT writing section consists of two parts and a test of multiple choice questions. You get 25 minutes to complete this part of the test. Multiple Choice Question section is divided into three sections and contains a total of 49 questions. Section 25 includes proposals improvers improvers 6 paragraphs 18 and identifying sentence errors.


The test writing section is divided into three levels of difficulty, which are easy, medium and difficult. First, understand the test structure carefully and try to solve all the problems of mild to moderate. After completing the first level, you will have enough time to try the hard level.

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