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Oasis Consultants


Oasis Consultants

Location: Chandigarh
Branches: Chandigarh
Countries Dealing In: Australia, Canada, NewZealand, USA,  Singapore
Estabilished In: 2000

Oasis offers a wide range of places targeted pre-flight services managed professionally tailored to the needs of each client. With over 15 years of experience, we have published more than 7,000 student visas with an impressive success rate of over 90%.

The visas were issued for countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Singapore and other favorite destinations are well known for its educational setting, and the quality of life.

We work with over 100 agents across the country and serve more than 600 candidates per month. expert support is available 24 hours a day, and we stay in touch with our directions on a daily basis, providing complete visibility and more modern developments for our customers. The combination of extensive experience, global presence and expertise in the industry enables us to provide solutions that deliver results. Oasis promises one stop solution for the resettlement of people who are interested to explore and climb the corporate ladder of a successful life. Students want knowledgeable, patient, friendly and enthusiastic expert to guide them, and that is exactly what we give them. Variety is our foundation and our employees reflect our commitment to working across cultures. We invest in research, development and support to ensure that our products and services are the best available.

We believe in high quality teaching, research and integrated test tools and complete information. This experience in this area gives us a strong advantage, making the Oasis the undisputed industry leader in Global Relocation.

Each customer receives a one stop solution for each concern. We deliver compelling value propositions that demonstrate our understanding of customer needs and aspirations to move to greener pastures abroad.

Oasis offers a unique set of human services to make the transition to a new land, completely without problems

After a hassle free Immigration visa process, Oasis makes the move much easier to Canada, Australia, U.K., New Zealand, and Singapore. Upon your arrival there, we assist you with the following:

» Arrange Airport Pick & economical accommodation on prior request
» Provide orientation of country life style, education, resume preparation, communities and work environment

After consultation with a global perspective : The application of higher education abroad a huge decision, both financially and emotionally is extremely important to invest time and effort to make the right decision sufficient. Oasis Immigration trained staff that provides assistance to identify business goals, allowing students to take the wise decision to serve their academic needs and interests.

The choice of the course: Our expert consultants can take the student through the process and help them choose the right mounting over their interests and abilities. The whole course of the selection process will be simplified, as we provide all the necessary information to choose the right training program.

The University of choice: Our database provides access to over 2,500 courses in more than 300 schools in 5 different countries: New Zealand, Canada, UK, Australia and Singapore. We strive to provide accurate and time saving to the selection committee, which is based on solid research. Our personal choice of university services are made to order according to your needs around your schedule.

Consulting Complex: If a student is afraid of the whole process, they will have the opportunity to leave the tedious work with us Consultants will work with students and reminders will be sent to them in the application process The student will just.. need to prepare for standardized tests, and finally the test. guidance will be provided to take the tough decisions, and is the winner.

• Free consultation: The right choice of moving to a country is required to meet the future. Our dedicated and experienced first hand the team understands your needs very well and we are confident that every customer is served and provided personal attention. Due to the personal and professional profile of the market scenario and we strive to help you make the best career choices.

• Free Trial: The validity of the visa free trial is designed to determine if you are eligible to request a specific visa. The assessment takes a few minutes. It is easy to follow. The evaluation questions have been specially designed to act as a screening test for you to see if you qualify for a visa. You should not rely on this single result as a true indication of your ability to apply for migration to a country. You must fill in the form very carefully to help us evaluate your case and effectively.

• Consultation face-to-face: face to face counseling provides the opportunity to meet one of our migration consultants registered in person for help with immigration and visa advice. Our immigration consultants will give you a personal consultation on the visa applications. After the meeting, our migration experienced consultants, you get peace of mind and answers to all your questions.

• Telephone and online counseling telephone and online consultation allows you to contact our office and speak to one of our registered migration consultants. Since the migration process can be complex, it is highly recommended to consult a professional adviser on migration issues. Our consultants ensure that you understand your obligations under a particular visa category and give you tips to improve your chances of success in the transition to a country.

Visa E-filing: The Oasis is one, our team of professional assistance is available to learn academic and financial records necessary, as specified in the respective universities and colleges.

• Case Filing and Presentation: We love your authorized agents represent your case to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of the country concerned. We prepare your detailed dossier to be submitted to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. We present their documents in electronic or paper form, which takes much less time required to obtain a visa.

• The case of surveillance and regular updates: your adviser appointed regularly monitors with colleges / universities and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on the latest status of your case. Your agent you update any changes in the rules and regulations relating to your visa. We keep track of your applications and any working paper at the end of the process.

• Consultation Visa: experienced advisers help students to get a medical examination and (police clearance certificate) CPC. List of doctors on the panel is provided for students to get their physicals.

• Correspondence with universities or colleges: Documents students are sent to the university or college concerned. Tuition fees, provided the student also sent by the competent institutions. The office accepted offer letter Canam and delivered to the appropriate students.

• Migration Facilitation: Oasis is qualified and migration consultants providing correct and relevant information on migration after the completion of the program. The student will help shore visas, student visa extension and application for a temporary residence permit.

SCO 94, Ground Floor

Sector 44-C, Chandigarh.

Tel: +91 172 4600243

Fax: +91 172 4653243

E-mail: info@oasisconsultancy.com

Website: www.oasisconsultancy.com

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