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Merit Consultants


Merit Consultants

Location: Bangalore
Branches: Chennai
Countries Dealing In: NewZealand, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden
Estabilished In: 1997

The concept of global education is widespread today, most students choose to pursue higher education abroad to improve their skills and get an education that would lead to global opportunities, rather than limit in their own country.

It also gives students the opportunity to focus on specific disciplines and research areas that may not be available in their own country. This gives them the opportunity to hone their intellects and mold themselves into global citizens.

Merit Consultants higher education has been providing quality educational services to hundreds of students each year since 1997 Dear students and parents, merit was at the forefront of the updated information to students seeking education abroad. We have years of experience worthy of working with students from different cultures. Our staff is well-trained and dedicated professionals.

Merit is a tutor for all students who want to study abroad in countries such as the United States of America (USA), Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, France and other countries, providing high-quality education, as well as a unique learning environment.

Educational costs continue to rise, making it hard to fund a college education without accumulating a significant debt. Scholarship can cover many of the costs associated with undertaking a degree.

They can cover tuition fees or living costs, or provide additional academic resources (computers, books etc). They are usually offered on the basis of academic merit, but may also have an element of financial need.

Counseling is a process of concrete assistance to an expert in a particular situation, a person in need. Counselling aims to help a person to evolve in such a way that it becomes psychologically mature and capable in the implementation of its potential optimally. professional consultant who can use a different range of counseling approaches well trained. The process occurs when the client and the consultant to set aside time to explore the difficulties; which may include stress or emotional feelings of the client.

Admission Counseling

The decision to pursue higher education, there are a few questions, create in our minds. Through counseling, education MERIT helps applicants to calm their unlimited queries. Our experienced consultants to spend precious time with each student to understand their needs, to do research, the same options and come to a conclusion, the better for it. Dignity offer the best advice and provides reliable and maximum information for prospective students.

The advantage to help students in the process.

  • We will help you in the short list of universities and institutions on the basis of your rights. We can evaluate your choice of schools and place them in a safe, reasonable options and ambitious in terms likely to admit. Our main criterion is on the short list based on a combination of our 15 years of experience, statistical reports on our alumni and blog + web support.
  • We will assist you in the preparation and testing, recommendations for selection recommends the financial statements, the University of specific forms, as well as all other relevant documents to your application.
  • We apply online on your account and make sure you are in the cycle and is constantly kept updated on the process so that it becomes clear to you at the time of your visa.
  • We will help you organize your paper documents and help you document smugglers with documentation tag.
  • We can help you comply with the document w.r.t University, additional information, interview (if any) missing .. etc. etc.
  • Once you get more than one offer, we can help you choose the right kind of university and above all try to connect to our previous batch of students, so that you can build on them, too, in processing your university, housing, etc. .d.
  • We can help you plan your finances in the form of advice for the educational credit, taxation, etc.

Visa advice

Visa is a conditional license issued in the country in a non-citizen to enter and reside in the country temporarily. This is usually a stamp in the passport of the approved applicant or a copy of the message. We will help you to prepare and complete the formalities required to obtain a visa. Getting admitted to the University are not successful if a visa is not clear in this country. In Merritt, we will help you begin the process of obtaining a visa, prepare all the necessary documents in time to avoid any last minute ciaos, and also to save time to plan your trip. We help you organize your financial documents and increase the level of confidence to ask for / participate in the interview, which will process the visa without problems. We can help you on a very personal level, in the preparation of your visa, to show the right kind of documentation and help in confidence-building measures to deal with the interview. Once the visa is approved, we will help you plan your arrival at the University, providing pre-departure session, in which we invite students gather ground for logistics and university approach / departmental can be discussed. We can help you with airfare, insurance, Forex and many other types of support.

In addition to student visas, MERIT also sends his parents to join him at the graduation ceremony and other needs.

Career Counseling

While competition is growing, opportunities and a variety of career is also growing rapidly, there is no such thing as a career “perfect” the best “framework”. If you choose a curriculum and career based on what you are good, you will always have success. Very often we are forced to live in work and career that are not suitable for us. To succeed, progress and enjoy our work, it is necessary that we should have an interest in what we do, and tend to her. Career counseling is a professional teaching service where practitioners seeking to meet the needs of students in the three main areas of education: academic development, career development and personal / social development. This is achieved through the implementation of comprehensive counseling program, which promotes and enhances student achievement.

Dignity help the student achieve his / her potential and interest in a specific field and career planning in a smooth manner. We help them assess their personal characteristics and needs, and then connect them to the labor market and the education system. career guidance includes a wide range of professional activities that help people cope with issues related to career. Mr. Santosh Neelangatil is an experienced and certified consultant for career guidance and psychometric test administrator authorized by Psytech International. Career counseling is offered in a variety of contexts, including in groups and individually. We work with those who want to explore career options, career change and job search.

MERIT Higher Education Consultants

No 291, 1st Floor 10th Main, 3rd Block Jayanagar
Bangalore – 560011

: 080 2244 7251
: +91 9008104040 / 9341901606
: merit.consultants
: info@meritedu.co.in / meritblr@gmail.com

MERIT Higher Education Consultants

No 36, Fernscity, Marathahalli Ring Road,
Bangalore – 560037

(Residence office, visit by appointments only.)

: 080 32479088
: merit.consultants
: info@meritedu.co.in / meritblr@gmail.com

MERIT Higher Education Consultants

No 17, 7th Cross, Lower Palace Orchard
Near Vyalikaval Ground
Bangalore 560003

: merit.consultants
: info@meritedu.co.in / meritblr@gmail.com

MERIT Higher Education Consultants

2nd Floor, TRR Complex,
I Main Road, Anna Nagar East,
Chennai- 600102.

: 04443518110
: +91 9551144044
: merit.consultants
: info@meritedu.co.in / meritblr@gmail.com

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