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Manya Consultants

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Manya Consultants

Location: Delhi
Branches: Delhi
Countries Dealing In: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Europe
Estabilished In: 2002

Manya Education Private Limited (PERI) was established in 2002 as the first of its kind nationwide provider of education abroad. Named after one of the avatars of the goddess Saraswati 1008 Mania is a free flow of wisdom and consciousness while the difference between good and evil. In the last decade, PERI has successfully imposed as a national leader in three major areas, namely,

  • Test preparation study abroad
  • Admissions abroad
  • Building in particular skills in language training and communication

Test preparation study abroad

PERI is an Indian partner and the most successful international department of “The Princeton Review (TPR)”, the leading provider of test preparation services for tests such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL. Princeton Review was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. If there is a class of 1,000+ locations over 17 countries, it has been a pioneer and leader in helping students achieve their higher education goals for 30 years in college and test school studies greater preparation and private tutoring. With more than 165 print and digital publications, the company provides students and their parents the resources to research, apply to, prepare and learn how to pay for higher education. Princeton Review partners with schools and educators across the United States to assist in the preparation for university, test preparation and career planning services, helping more students pursue postsecondary education.

Last year, about half of all students attending US colleges attended the course The Princeton Review, bought the book The Princeton Review, or to use the tools on the website of the Princeton Review. In the Amazon, 17 of the 20 best sellers on tests and hospitalizations were written by Princeton Review.

India Princeton Review (PERI) has the unique distinction of having more students trained for the course GRE Princeton Review in India in 2011 in the entire United States. Constant innovation and excellence in The Princeton Review in India why PERI was named World Franchise, based on the United States in 2011 franchisor.

Admissions abroad

PERI also provides overseas intake services, each student has access to a unique setting that has demonstrated Sutradhar called to optimize the application. In the first stage of the assessment and planning phase, we align our strengths with the selection criteria for the target schools, identify weaknesses, and offer a very special personalized action plan to optimize your application. The next step, we need to implement, where we work with you to develop key components of your application: CV, recommendations, essays and interviews. Our team of professional consultants to help beginning students each year choose their path and career education, put them in a university and well known worldwide colleges. We officially represent a large number of universities worldwide, giving our students the flexibility and full freedom to choose the educational setting that matches their ambitions.

Language and Communication Education

PERI is a national leader in the field of preparation for the English standardized tests such as TOEFL, IELTS and PTE, which are checked by human knowledge, not only the technical knowledge of the language, but to focus the ability to effectively use language to communicate. PERI core understanding in this area has led to the development and management courses successfully in language and communication, ranging from spoken English, business communication, report writing, presentation skills and confidence for different audience profiles. PERI is actively working with educational institutions and organizations to create international standard communication skills within the organization.

Today MEPL is proud to have been able to guide students of different profiles to get into some of the most interesting institutions of higher education and business trips. Manya has a growing network of 38 offices on New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Guwahati, Jaipur, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mangalore, Mysore, Noida, Trichy, Vellore, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Warangal

You do not have the time to spend hours and hours searching the school and applying them? Let us do the work for you. Our engineering experts Admissions can help you apply the right schools, the right way.

Our expert adoptive Advisors work with you to maximize your chances of receiving an offer of admission, making sure you are applying for the right kind of university that match your profile and ambitions. If a student does not take a scientific approach to the choice of the university, he / she may end up applying the wrong university.

Our trained and experienced consultants selection committee to help you finalize your college dream plan with a realistic roadmap. We do a reality check – check your accounts, your credentials, work experience, your growth compared to the other candidates, and so on, and categorize your school:

  • Dream school – where you stand is less than or up to 50% chance of gaining admission,
  • School range – where you have a good chance of that is 50-80% chance, and
  • Safe Schools – where you have a chance to get 80% or more.

Our consultants will help you make decisions, do research so painful for you. We weigh the pros and cons apply to a specific school and to answer your questions on all matters and at all times. Ultimate your discretion.

Increasing the number of American universities take 15 years of education. Manya-Princeton Review can help you find these universities and apply there.

Admission Counseling Services

PERI-on The Princeton Review, tolerance Consulting Services (ACS) is an association of highly specialized and individual services provided study abroad applicants to optimize their chances for admission to top universities / institutions. Candidates are provided specialized service one-on-one at the beginning (ie the University of choice) to finish (ie, visa support).

Quick Facts about Admission Counseling Services

  • More than 2,000 candidates, subscribe to our Premium Service Board annually Admissions
  • Candidates are served by specialists who have extensive experience of professionals, some of whom are studying abroad
  • The service operates on the full base “purity of intention”, without any reason, but to provide the applicant with a complete and impartial service
  • One-on-one and personalized services for consulting and publishing applications
  • There is a corporate governance centralized delivery to ensure a uniform quality of information available to each applicant
  • By modifying services publishers to communicate with candidates in each test, needed to complete a winning offer
  • Our quality control mechanism ensures that each trial quality edited checked before being delivered to the applicant
  • Candidates are served by Suthradhaar – a very complex online system that provides real-time monitoring of the progress of the implementation of candidates
  • Our audio files served us accommodation -Applicants got admission offers highly reputable overseas universities


  • Profiling and choice University – Our skills receiving the counselors help applicants to choose the right type of college / university
  • The purpose of publishing reports, recommendation letters, essays and resume – Reception Our Editors help applicants understand and complement the highly qualitative aspects of foreign university applications – a test for the purpose of application, CV , etc.
  • Promotion and Application Consulting – consulting Admissions Advisors and assistance to applicants when submitting their application forms, and become familiar with them
  • University Interview Preparation – Our ACS personnel engaged in the training of university applicants talks
  • Visa Consultancy – Our expert consultants help visa applicants to finalize their visa documents and bogus visa interview sessions

B 7/2, Ground Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase- II,

New Delhi – 110020

Phone No.: 1800-102-4646

Email Id: info@manyagroup.com

Toll Free No.: 1800-102-4646

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