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Top Engineering Scholarships In USA

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Top engineering scholarship in the United States : Concerning education , engineering, undoubtedly the most popular area investigated students worldwide. Also, from the standpoint of study abroad , the biggest US bags piece of the pie (read: foreign students ) and is always the first option for students who plan to continue their studies outside their homeland. Needless to say, the engineering of the United States is far the most popular after graduating from foreign students. However, the drawback is the high cost of education.USA , finally, is also one of the costliest areas of the study , especially for overseas. But all is not lost. Mainly in an effort to engage students in engineering and the government, and the integrated organization funding agencies to support international students in the exercise of their engineering studies in the United States.
AACE International Scholarships:

AACE is one of the best engineering scholarships in the United States for international as well as the United States and the most competitive and Canadian students . Although the main objective of AACE is value engineering , scholarships are awarded to students between the domains. It mainly covers the fields of engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Building Construction
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Electrical Engineering

AACE has separate funds for the US , Canada and international students and the value of science depends on the student’s class. Council offers its scholarship engineering studies in the United States only 15-20 students each year including all categories.

They must be enrolled in one of the above programs, such as a full-time student for the fall semester .
Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
Value of scholarship:
The amount of the scholarship varies between $ 2,000 and $ 8,000 in US dollars.
How to apply : You must apply for a scholarship separately.Applications open between mid- December to mid -February. The results were released by May
Fulbright scholarship : One of the best engineering scholarships in the US Fulbright awards grants to foreign students enrolled in US universities . However, science is not limited to a specific field of study and the funds can be used by engineering students abroad. Foreign students can apply for one of the best engineering scholarships in the United States under the Fulbright Foreign Student . Each year the Fulbright offers 8,000 merit scholarships for people worldwide .
Right to participate :
Although there are no specific eligibility criteria, students must have a level of education believes that the category of the award is intended. In addition, Fulbright students selected based on the following criteria:
university degrees
leadership qualities
the availability of subsidies
project feasibility
The value of the scholarships : Fulbright scholars receive a monthly stipend , health insurance, and support to travel. Besides the host institutions of the United States to provide the cost of training to support the ongoing work required .
How to Apply: Fulbright opened about 15 months before the end of the grant and the duration of 11-12 months before the start of the grant. The deadline is usually in the middle of September .

UCB Scholarship : This is only for students enrolled in engineering programs at the University of California, Berkeley, and is a leading engineering scholarships in the United States . Like other major universities, UCB also offers based on the needs and scholarships based on merit for foreign students pursuing engineering specialties in the School of Engineering . Interestingly, UCB also offers engineering scholarships specializing in the United States for foreign students from certain countries, such as China , Germany, India , among others. For Indian and Pakistani students (North India and Pakistan),UCB offers to Guru Gobind Singh scholarships for students enrolled in the university. However, students who receive the scholarship must return to their homecountries after completion of their programs.

Right to participate :
Students must be enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley
For Guru Gobind Singh Scholarship students must be from India or Pakistan, and may be admitted to graduate school at UBC.

The Value of Science : While other sciences, generally offer a discount on training and a monthly allowance , Guru Gobind Singh Scholarship offers $ 30,000 to the student.
How to Apply: Students will be considered for a scholarship at reception or must be applied separately before or after they are registered . The reception team is usually inform the student if they are eligible for a scholarship .

Aga Khan Award: Aga Khan Foundation offers annual scholarships to students from certain developing countries to study abroad . One of the best engineering scholarships in the United States , the scholarship is only for graduate students and the fund gives preference to students studying abroad masters. Candidates must be nationals of the following countries : Bangladesh , India, Pakistan , Afghanistan, Tajikistan , Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya , Tanzania, Uganda , Madagascar and Mozambique.Among the top- engineering scholarships in the United States , the foundation seeks students with strong academic records , and believes that students were accepted for the study. The funds usually prefer students in highly rated universities.
Value of scholarship: Scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant: 50% loan basis
How to apply:
Applications usually open on January 1st of each year, and candidates are tested in June / July . Most deadlines falling on March 31 . Graduate students must collect forms from the Office of the Aga Khan application .
The American Association of University Women: This is one of the scholarships for top engineering studies in the US and only for women. The American Association of University Women , or AAUW is the world’s largest source of financing for women who pursue higher education abroad . The foundation provides more than 200 grants and scholarships to women pursuing a graduate subject, including engineering . It meets the international engineering aspirants through two main international stock grants and scholarships Selected Professions . The scholarship selected occupations , in fact , particularly targets women who want to pursue engineering.
Candidates have to be women
Only for students who want to study in USA
The value of the scholarships : for international scholarships – master : $ 18,000 ; Sciences: $ 20,000 ; Postgraduate : $ 30,000.
For selected professions amount of scholarships is $ 5.000 to 18.000 .

How to apply: For students of international scholarships must apply in mid- December, and selected candidates Professions Scholarship must apply in January.
In addition to these top engineering scholarship in the United States , most of the best universities in the country offer different types of financial aid for international students pursuing engineering in the country; both UG and PG levels . Financial assistance may be in the form of scholarships or tuition waiver . In addition, most universities offer both scholarships based on need and merit based on foreign students .

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