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Jupiter Consultants


Jupiter Consultants

Location: Chandigarh
Branches: Jalandhar
Countries Dealing In: Australia, Canada, UK, NewZealand, USA, Singapore, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany
Estabilished In: 2001

Consultants Jupiter study abroad is currently one of the international education renowned consultants in North India. Jupiter study abroad Consultants provides assistance to Indian students to study abroad for over 13 years. Since 2001, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of educational services and career guidance, while placing several hundred students at accredited colleges and universities worldwide. We dock qualified consultants in our office. We offer students the choice of universities, colleges, TAFE and private colleges across Australia. Jupiter study abroad Consultants is a member of the Australian Government the Jupiter study in foreign Consultants is one of the few agents in India, which has a visa electronic deposit authorities in the past.


  • The staff is very dedicated and experienced who appreciates the student’s talent and hard earned money of their parents.
  • There is a link with well-equipped universities and jobs.
  • Throughout the guidance and support.
  • While a concept that we provide free consultation, assessment documents, consultations by phone, filing and presenting the case before the departure of information services and after landing.
  • We are not quite different, but we have something they have one of the best on the market.

LOGIC name – “JUPITER Consultants”.

According to Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter is lucky, education and intelligence. Jupiter has a strong influence on individual potential for growth in many aspects of their lives, as physically, intellectually, spiritually, in the future, based on the accumulation of power and status. Jupiter reflects the human optimism, dreams and aspirations.

This concept inspired us to call the company on the rule of knowledge – “Jupiter”.


We are committed to our philosophy of the customer. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals by providing a service to the world-class clientele that is both reliable and superior competitive.

“In order to remain the market leader through consistent delivery of quality, service and professional ethics of its customers (students, government educational institutions and partners). Jupiter Study Abroad Consultants Pvt conduct installation of complex standards leading to a common development of the industry. “

Doubts about the study abroad is usually associated with a cost. However, the fact that most students are not aware that they can actually use their current package of financial assistance for their studies on campus overseas travel, in addition to the scholarship. In fact, for some students, especially those who pay for public education, studying abroad can sometimes be cheaper than traditional semester on campus.

A study abroad scholarship is a monetary reward for students to use to program costs, such as travel, course credits, books and housing. Students must apply for scholarships, and some of them can be very competitive while others are underused. There are many types of study abroad scholarships to ask, for example:

Merit Based

These awards are based on academic, artistic, athletic, or other abilities of the student, and often a factor in extracurricular activities and community service records of the applicant. It is important to note that the classification will vary depending on the particular science.


These scholarships are for applicants who initially qualify based on factors such as gender, race, religion, family and medical history, or many other factors specific to the student. Minority scholarships are the most common award in this category, but the qualification will vary according to the particular science.


This country scholarships for students who plan to pursue their education abroad programs in that particular country. They are awarded as an incentive to study in this country rather than elsewhere. Check with sites sponsored by the government for the country of travel, where you want to study, to see what scholarships are available.


Grants for specific programs are offered individual training programs abroad and / or colleges and universities, where they can be associated with qualified candidates. These scholarships are often given on the basis of academic and personal success, but the qualification will vary according to the particular science. Check with your study abroad program and the university, to see what scholarships are available.


Subject specific scholarships are awarded for study or institutions abroad programs for students based on their base or a specific field of study. Scholarships may require beneficiaries to take courses on specific subjects abroad or to conduct specific research topics abroad, but it is important to note that the qualification will vary with each award.


On the basis of the course and the institution of their choice, we have a responsibility to ensure that your applications will be completed and processed by the right channel. We arrange your letters receive an offer you before making through the process of obtaining a visa.

We also facilitate exchange to our students at competitive prices, as well as to facilitate the transfer of your payment for tuition at the school where you are registered.

Visa Assistance

Obtaining a student visa, perhaps the most complex and important step in your admissions process. Over the years, the consulate tight rules and regulations, which allows only the most genuine students to get a student visa. In accordance with immigration requirements, Jupiter Consultants conducts a rigorous verification process to ensure that your application is accepted. Our visa success rate is high because we are deep into our work and not to process incomplete or falsified documents. We can also help you prepare for your visa interview.

Education Loans

We have contacts with nationalized banks offer educational loans for studying abroad at reasonable prices. We also help with the entire process, selection criteria and the selection of the bank for a loan, preparation of necessary documentation, etc.

Airport Receptions

Jupiter Consultants can arrange for students to be received on arrival and also provides post-landing assistance if required.

 Student Ticketing Services
Jupiter Consultants helps students get the best deals in air travel and travel insurance.
Career Counseling

Our professional consultants based team working closely with you to recommend the most suitable course for you according to your personal situation, your potential and your career aspirations. We are familiar with hundreds of courses of institutions around the world, and we can guide you through a rigorous selection process.

Personal service is our strength. As a result, we enjoy great prestige in our industry. We take great efforts to meet the expectations of our students and partner institutions



  •   S.C.O 64–65 First Floor, Sector 17–A Chandigarh 160017, U.T, India
  •   (+91) 172 2726809, 4636809
  •   (+91) 9464280970, 9501568097
  •   (+91) 172 2714936
  •   info@jupiterconsultants.in



  •   Midas Corporate Park, 37, Fourth Floor, Above UK VFS, G T Road, Jalandhar City.
  •   +91 181 4684680, 4684682,
  •   +91 90565 84680
  •   jupiter.jalandhar@gmail.com
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