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Indo European Education Services Pvt. Ltd

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Indo European Education Services Pvt. Ltd

Location: Delhi
Branches: Chandigarh, Pune, Chennai, Amritsar, Hyderabad, Trichy
Countries Dealing In: Austria, Germany, Ireland, France, Europe, Italy, Switzerland
Estabilished In: 2008

We have proven in the field of European education, and strive to become the undisputed leader in this field. Our goal is to provide quality education to society. We believe in providing quality services to all our customers with the vision of building a long term business relationship with all our customers. With this in mind, all our products and services are designed so that only services of value to all our customers. From a technical standpoint, our long-term goal is to reach and conquer the entire education of European industry.

Students around the world would like to pursue higher education. each of them are not aware of their value. Higher education in the next time will be very different from what is currently available. There has been a huge improvement in all kinds of technologies related to education, which is why the quality of higher education is necessary to improvise. We are in the Indo European permanent work in order to improvise the quality of higher education with the constant changes of educational technology. Not only that, in the future, higher education will be different from now in terms of access, but also many other aspects.

mode of communication will be completely changed with the improvisation in technology. Simple education in the classroom will be sure to be scanned. The use of technology will be much more in times to come. Other aspects that will change in the near future are the national curriculum, teaching methods, as well as the ranking of universities. Here are some of the few aspects among many others.

As already mentioned, we are in the Indo-European region, work to establish long-term relationships with our customers. We understand that students belonging to all financial statements wishing to pursue higher education. However, they are unable to do so due to lack of money. International education is considered very expensive, but from the sound of it.

Many deserving students who qualify even examinations in the best international organizations to abandon their dreams just because they are unable to bear the cost of international education. We believe that money should never be an obstacle for those who really have a desire to learn. We are making continuous efforts to accessible and affordable international education. Our constant effort is to make it accessible to one and all, regardless of the financial situation of the student.

Studying abroad has been the dream of many students in India. The charm and warmth of the study in another country is huge. Moreover, it brings great glory to relatives and friends, this is a huge boost in your academic career. Universities offer overseas education and exposure to a whole new level. Their standards of training and knowledge transfer, are among the best, and these universities are in the most demand. But given all this, there are certain obstacles that come before any child of middle-class families who want to even think or take a picture when studying in a foreign country.

Studying abroad means adapting to a totally new culture and explore a different lifestyle that people follow. But despite all this, the only hands down there one thing that stands between students and their desire to study abroad is the huge fees that these highly regarded colleges and universities demand. Not only the issue of tuition fees, the cost of living with food and many other devices need a lot of resources. Every middle class family, from which the most talented students come, can not afford such a huge demand for capital in the same breath. This becomes a problem in the future, the dream of so many young and talented minds. If given the opportunity, it is unclear to what extent they would be in the future, but the circumstances are not satisfied.

We are here in the European Indo is our goal and mission to help these talented minds in a very simple and easy way. All universities and elite organizations know, because they have higher fees and students from abroad, there are many things to adjust to a new country, which also requires capital. Given all this, these elite universities do not want to lose such good, talented and fresh mind just because they can not afford the fees. In such cases, the university has developed a planned system of grants.

We are here to teach and train you to meet these standards for these scholarships and achieve your goals. We prepare students for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, which are also considered as a parameter in scholarships. These exams are necessary in the Anglo-Saxon countries. Therefore, do not hold back their feelings and get the right help to achieve scholarships and achieve their goals.

Career Counseling

Your indecision whose object of study is troubling you? You Sleepless nights worrying about which country would be best suited to your budget and the academic requirements? Come to the Indo European community and we will make it easier for you !!!

How it works?

Guided by the right person at the right time, a very important role in making a person make the right choice. Once a self-made decision on where to study and this of course to go to college now be circumspect evaluated and facilitated with the help of a competent consultant.

What do we do?

Regarding the European education, Indo European comes to mind each. In the field of education in Europe, our expertise is unmatched! Our main effort will help you choose a path primary career. The main question is “what do I do in life? Best meets our experts.
To save the trouble students, Indo European utters a single service window for processing applications for all universities and colleges. Our consultants are very experienced and have traveled a lot, which helps to guide you to the right path. Also, a visit to the country is a common ritual in our all industries, so we have a lot of European universities who come to our office on a regular basis. Interaction with their representatives to help students decide what is best for them and their future. In addition, it is our best-selling initiative, “Education in Europe without IELTS” which attracts a large number of potential students who consider IELTS be an obstacle in their way.

Visa Support

Visa policy is undoubtedly the most important part. visa approval or rejection can make or break your sleep! Our professional experts are there to guide you to complete the process of visa application directly to complete the preparation of your financial statements. In addition, there is an excellent guide and training provided false visa interview.
We are proud of our success rate visa almost 99% !!!!
Our staff in all departments of the visa process are trained to the competent authorities of the Government of education or high commissions on a regular basis. That their team to provide professional assistance for students. Our constant contact with consulates helps to keep students abreast of the latest regulations and changes to the visa application, which helps us to soar heights with our visas.

Pre-departure Orientation

Once you reach foreign shores of our staff will ensure that your time is as smooth as possible. We have a well experienced professional fleet that will be there to guide you and advise you every step. Indo-European team to do so by following the following:

Pick-up at the arrival point

Any student who may be confused by reaching foreign shores. Naturally, therefore, keeping in mind that you have entered the country, you know nothing. But if you are an Indo European student, you do not have to worry about such a trivial problem at all! We will arrange a pickup for you from the airport to the university, so that you get there safely. Anyway, please be sure to let us know about it, at least for a few days in advance. Indeed, the organization of the van for you, it becomes very difficult at the eleventh hour.

Alumni System

Our graduates are a living example of what breathe life abroad. Indo-European has a team of graduates, which gives back to the community Indo Europe through mentoring and advice on occasion. Our graduates share their experiences with new students from time to time. They solve all your food related, associated with the study related to transportation and other issues. In addition, the European Commission also provides Indo e-mail ID of many of its graduates already studying there that will certainly

Paperwork University

When you reach your European university you do not have to worry about formalities. All formalities will be taken over by the university. The university authorities will help to present your residence permit.

A Solution to Your Local Problems

Our work does not end only by providing you access to an international university. In fact, it continues throughout your stay. If you have problems with your partner stay in, or other adjustment problems, for that matter, please contact us for ID info@indoeuropean.in~~pobj and find a solution to all your problems .

Head Office Delhi

Address : 316, 3rd floor, Suneja Tower 1, Janakpuri District Centre, New Delhi-110058
Tel : 011 – 45656888 Student Desk : +91 – 9650133355
E-mail :
Regional Offices :-
Chandigarh Office
Address :  301, 3rd Floor SCO,NO. 60-62, Sector 17 C
Chandigarh – 160017
Tel       : +91 – 8591101919
Email   :  info@indoeuropean.in
Pune Office
Address :  No. 201, Turning Point # 2, Opposite Rosary School,
Viman Nagar, Pune – 411014.
Tel       :  +91 – 9650133355
Email   :  info@indoeuropean.in
Chennai Office
Address : No. 18, 1st Floor, Lokesh Tower,Kodambakkam High Road,  Near Palm Groove Hotel,
Chennai – 600034

Tel       : +91 – 8144344286
Email   : info@indoeuropean.in
Amritsar Office
Address : 1st Floor, Mehnga singh saini market,
above lookwell bakery, Near Khalsa college for women
Amritsar – 143001
Tel       : +91 – 8591101919
Email :  info@indoeuropean.in
Hyderabad Office
Address : H-No: 3-6-524, 2nd Floor (202) , ZEE Plaza,
Opp.Minerva Coffee Shop, Above Oriental Bank of Commerce, Street No.7,Himayatnagar Hyderabad – 500029

Tel      : +91 – 8144344286
Email :  info@indoeuropean.in
Noida Office
Address :  203, Ocean Heights, K-4, sector 18(Above RBS Bank), Noida – 201301
Tel       :  +91 – 9650133355
Email   :  info@indoeuropean.in
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