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IELTS Exam Guide

About IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally recognized test of English proficiency for the analysis of the ability of candidates who want to pursue higher education in a country where English is the medium of communication. This test evaluates the ability of students primarily in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

IELTS test score has been widely recognized in countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, and is available in more than 110 countries worldwide. In addition, a number of government agencies, certification of scholarship programs and agencies provide an IELTS test score is used to analyze the level of English student.

IELTS are held 48 times a year, and four times a month British Council. If a student is not satisfied with their test results, he will be able to retake the test after 3 months after the first examination. You can also submit an application to participate in the scholarship program, “scholarship from the British Council IELTS”. If you have received exceptionally good IELTS score, your tuition will be reduced by 3 lakhs.

IELTS test format

There are two test formats available for IELTS. It includes academic and general. Students wishing to apply for visa or scholarship must apply to the general test and other students who wish to pursue higher education abroad must apply for an academic test.

More Skills

There are no specific eligibility criteria for the IELTS test. Students who have passed their intermediate (10 + 2) Examination of a recognized board are entitled to an IELTS exam. University, in which you can request that the eligibility criteria for admission, but not in IELTS.

The registration process for IELTS

You can ask for IELTS online and offline.

Online application process

Candidates wishing to apply for the same can apply through the official website of the British Council IELTS. First, you must make your profile by filling all the necessary information. You must pay a certain amount of money through a debit / credit card card as IELTS registration fee.

Offline application process

Students are required to register in the office of the British Council and the office of displaced persons in India. You can download the application form on the website or can also get the form from the Office application. You must pay the registration fee by debit / credit card.

Why to take IELTS test

• If you have a high note for the IELTS exam, you will be eligible for various colleges / institutes, schools, employers, international authorities on immigration for higher education.
• The IELTS score is accepted by more than 9,000 organizations in more than in the field of education and immigration targets 110 countries. This test is the most widely recognized around the world.
• IELTS preparation will not only help you in the qualification exam, but also in improving your English language skills.
• Some companies in foreign countries are also invited to submit an IELTS test score.
• Students have the opportunity to choose between academic IELTS and General IELTS accordance with the objectives of the applicant.

IELTS exam pattern

The questions in the IELTS will be offered in four areas, including reading, listening, speaking and writing. This test is available in two formats, namely: academic and general. Students who wish to pursue higher education must pass an academic test and the other candidates wishing to apply for a visa and the scholarship should apply for the total test.

Section Duration IELTS Academic
Listening 30 min It includes four recorded monologues and conversations
Reading 60 min Long reading passages with task
Writing 60 min Writing task of a minimum of 150 words
Speaking 11-14 min Face to face interview

Important Dates for IELTS

IELTS are held 48 times a year, and four times a month British Council. If a student is not satisfied with their test results, he has the opportunity to retake the test after 3 months after the first examination.
This allows the selection of the date of examination according to your convenience and availability.

Exam date you choose must be at least three to four months before the first deadline for the submission of the application. So if the last date of application in August, you must select the date of the IELTS test in April.

Statement IELTS test result

IELTS test results are usually announced within 2 weeks (13 days) after the end of the test. Applicants will be notified by return email. You must login to your account and IELTS test after entering the date, the number of candidates, identification number and date of birth. You can see your score after you have entered all the details mentioned above. Results will be removed from the site after 28 days from the date of the test.

Preparation Tips for IELTS

There are two basic ways to prepare for IELTS. It includes courses for self-learning and coaching. If anyone is safe enough to be able to prepare well unattended, the car can be the best alternative to prepare for the SAT.

In addition, if the time limit and requires experience meaning in preparing the SAT exam, coaching classes are the best alternative. If you join coaching classes theses, you will be provided with a team of experts to guide, training materials, the competitive environment, motivation, discipline, etc. the four sections preparation tips are listed below,

Preparation Tips for speaking section

Just put the article to analyze the ability to speak and voice clarity candidate. In this section, the applicant interacts with examiner individually. This partition consists of three parts, and the duration is 15 minutes.
• Part 1 includes questions about your general introduction about yourself, family, interests, study, work, etc.
• In Part 2, you will receive a card with the theme on which you have to say. You have 1 minute to prepare the content of the theme.
• In Part 3 the examiner will ask you such questions related to the topic of Part 2 different.
Do not answer any questions in a single line. You need to talk continuously until the examiner does not stop you. This is the best chance to show their knowledge of English.

Preparation tips for writing section

To prepare for this section, you should include topics related to the general interest and other topics.
1. Just create the basic structure before writing an essay. In this regard, a writing test book will help you.
2. You have to try a task 2 first because it is a lot easier than others.
3. Do not spend too much time on a task. You have to learn the whole structure of the letters before appearing for the test.
4. The dictionary is the most important part of the writing section.
5. Do not use an informal letter. You must follow the rules of writing.
6. Understanding the rules and format of the test.
7. Try to solve the practical issues before the test. This will help you find your week areas.

Preparation tips for reading section

Reading of the test section of SAT consists of three or four reading passages with increasing levels of difficulty. There will be a total of 40 questions to answer. The questions in this section will be asked to check the reading skills and includes a reading for main ideas, reading for detail, the essence of reading, skimming, understanding logical argument, recognize writers opinion , purpose and attitude.

Duration: 60 minutes

1. There will be a variety of grammatical structures so be careful when you try this section. Read the questions carefully and try to understand them.
2. Skimming and scanning are the two most important tools in reading. They will help you understand the basic idea. If you do not receive on time, you can not try everything.
3. You can learn about skimming and scanning, reading articles.
4. You should practice speed reading. This will be useful in this section.
5. After the test is completed, the entire practice, just look at the results, and you get an idea about your week areas.

Preparation tips for listening section

This section is introduced into the IELTS, to analyze your ability to understand the main ideas, opinions, speaker attitudes, the ability to understand the objectives and detailed factual information. This section consists of four parts and the overall time allocated to this section will be 30 minutes.
1. Do not lose concentration while listening. You should also focus on attitudes and opinions of the speaker.
2. You get 30 seconds to read the question paper before starting the test. You need to focus on the type and the information required in this section.
3. After listening, you will have 10 minutes to write all the answers. Think carefully to the answers and write on the answer sheet.

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