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Globizz Overseas Consultants


Globizz Overseas Consultants

Location: Chandigarh
Branches: Chandigarh
Countries Dealing In: Australia, Canada, UK, NewZealand, USA,
Estabilished In: 2005

India is an active participant in the emerging global labor force over the past two decades and, therefore, developed as part of a technologically connected world. There is a growing trend among Indians rise above and go beyond national borders for growth and better career prospects.

Recognizing this growing need for assistance is increasing the output of Indian professionals, Canam Consultants Ltd was launched in 1996. The main goal at Canam is to examine the need for assistance in the emigration of Indian professionals and students. Canam Consultants Limited – EN ISO 9001-2008 certified company is the undisputed leader in the field of consulting services for education abroad today. Initially, Canam, as the name suggests is used to help students for educational options and Immigration Canada and the United States. Nevertheless, given the growing interest of Indian students seeking opportunities to study in other countries such as New Zealand, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland and the UAE, based on changes in government regulations regarding possibilities of education for foreign students, Canam has increased access to students aspiring to go further than the United States and the countries of Canada.

We understand that the decision to move to a foreign land is not always easy, and often interferes with anxiety and concern. At this point, get professional advice can do wonders to make the candidate at ease. The whole process of transcending their own country in a foreign country is difficult and expensive, if not done effectively. Canam hiring a board as a partner would be a wise decision based on the valuable experience and relevant information that could lead to success.

With years of experience and knowledge of Canam has become a leader in the field of business education and career consulting the Indian subcontinent. With 18 offices throughout India, as well as three international offices with extensive infrastructure of state-of-date, comprising over 300 qualified advisers and consultants, Canam optimally equipped for service to students and professionals.

Canam Consultants Ltd agencies is certified by various organizations, including the AIRC (American International Recruitment Council) ICCRC (Member of Council of Canada immigration consultants for settlement), AAERI (Member of the Association of Australian representatives of the education in India), ENZRA (member of education New Zealand, recognized, ICBC (Indo-Canadian Chamber of commerce member) NAFSA (national Association of foreign students advisors), PHD (PHD Chamber of commerce member India), certified specialist in education in the certificate in the UK for the agents, led by the British Council. is the only company in its field, which will be presented to the Sadbhavana award in 1998. Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, Hon’ble former President of India.


  • Humber College
  • Douglasx College
  • Columbia College
  • George Brown College
  • Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology
  • Cambrian College of Applied Arts & Technology
  • St. Lawrence College of Applied Arts & Technology
  • Georgian College
  • Okanagan College
  • Bodwell College
  • Mount Royal College
  • Capilano university
  • Vancouver Community College
  • Ascent Career College
  • Century High School
  • Canadian College


  • California State University-San Bernardino
  • Florida International University
  • University of Central Florida
  • Wichita State University
  • Northwest Missouri State University
  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • University of Northern Iowa
  • Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • University of Houston ELI
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • Texas Wesleyan University
  • Northwestern Polytechnic University
  • Johnson and Wales University
  • University of Bridgeport
  • University of Findlay
  • Ashland University
  • Everest University
  • National University
  • Green River Community College
  • Foothill-De Anza Community College
  • Westwood College of Technology and Aviation Technology
  • Digital Media Arts College
  • Doane College Nebraska
  • The Washington Centre for Internships

New Zealand

  • New Zealand Institute of Education
  • Lifeway College
  • Kiwi Institute of Training and Education ( KITE)
  • The International Academy of New Zealand
  • Sacred Hearts Girls College
  • Victoria Institute of New Zealand
  • Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology


  • Holmes Institute
  • Australian School of Business Administration Technology and research
  • Australian Institute of Commerce and Language
  • Australian Academy of Management & Science
  • ACTH Management
  • Avondale College
  • The Meridian International School
  • Hospitality Training Association INC
  • The Hotel School


  • Ealing Hammersmith and West London College
  • West London College
  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Regents Business College
  • Chichester College
  • London Reading College<
  • The Abbey College
  • Anglian College
  • Royal Wells College
  • Birmingham International College
  • Queen Ethelburga’s College
  • Richmond Upon Thames College
  • Central College
  • Doncaster College
  • White House Guardianships


  • Royal Dublin Business college
  • Mid West Business Institute
  • EPTI Executive &Professional Training Institute


  • HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute
  • IHTTI, School of Hotel Management
  • Business School Chardonne
  • St.George’s School in Switzerland
  • Business & Management University


  • Florence Design College
  • Institute Europe Die design


  • Kassel International Management School
  • Schiller International University


  • Cyprus College
  • InterCollege
  • Americanos College
  • European University of Lefke
  • Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Girne American University


  • Norwegian School of Management


  • Maastricht< School of Management


  • Barcelona Business School
  • European< University


  • EASB Institute of Management
  • STEi- Sirius Training & Education Institute
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore

Us a helping hand to the students to take at Canam Unisearch them away from complexity to simplicity. Above all, it will not cost you a penny to use our free service. A number of services are offered to students to facilitate their study abroad dreams come true. Obtaining a student visa is a difficult challenge. But we seek to Canam Unisearch simplify this task for you. Our team of experts is constantly identifying the best options for you. Starting from scratch, we are building a ladder to your dreams. We help you every step and provide the best for you.
Since the exam coaching with visa application, we will hold your hand every step. We offer coaching for exams like IELTS, TOEFL IBT, GMAT, GRE, PTE, SAT, which opens the door to your success and gives you the right to enroll in colleges and universities abroad and opens the door for cash loans for higher education. In addition to providing the exam coaching, we also provide career guidance services, the selection of the university, recommendations, hospitality management, financial assistance, travel assistance, forex assistance before leaving the management , grant management, visa support and exchange services free of charge! The choice of course and university is a difficult task that must be performed. Our expert professionals identify the capacities, skills, knowledge and needs of the student and bring out the best for him / her. We strive to provide you with assistance at all levels, to make your dream come true education abroad. Canam Unisearch, the Herculean task of allegations of a visa is the most simplified. Our many free services, set the stage for your best shot of life!

Career Counseling

Zeroing on the career path is the most important decision in the life of a person. Each of us has lived this difficult stage. However, providers of career services that Canam, choosing a career is a daunting task.

Admission to higher education programs abroad excellent solution financially and emotionally, for parents and for students. Whether you’re new 10 + 2 Give, a young graduate with experience in / out of work, or graduate student, Canam has a successful option for everyone. Expert advisors help students Canam work on their career choice after analyzing scientists, for example, / student interest, the funds available, the chances of scholarships, special requirements for localization, etc. .

A Canam we believe that all possible efforts are made to guide students in choosing their curriculum. Tens of thousands of students have benefited each year, despite the service being exceptional, giving us his ‘free’ for our customers.

Offered services

Some of the services we offer during a career counseling may include:

Understanding the needs of students “

Canam we understand and explore student demand career. We provide professional support and assistance to students in organizing their thoughts and ideas about career opportunities and professional goals.

Featured University

Students seeking graduate and doctoral studies abroad must select universities with recognition in the world and offer an excellent education. At Canam, we help students take their final appeal on choosing the right university.

Receiving treatment

Canam, we help students to complete the form tolerance, receive the financial statements and all the documentation is ready and when a visa application. The counselors help students Canam every step to make them realize their dream of studying abroad successfully.


Visas and visa interview is the key to student success withdrawal from a foreign university. Team Visa in Canam is always updated with the latest requirements, immigration and visa policy checklists. A Canam, we have a possible questions database visa interview, according to the profile of students.

Financial Management Manual

The CanAm we also provide assistance to students on the finance organization. We make the students understand the disintegrating costs and offer them a variety of options available to make them realize their dream of studying abroad.

SOP training

In an effort to find the real reason for your decision to study abroad and understanding of the areas of your field of study at national and international level, and to know your educational background SOP (statement of intent) required by the end of the student. At Canam, we help students in the preparation of true and honest more attractive

Admission Guidance

Education abroad is not only the Internet, application and sending students to higher educational institutions of their choice. Admission to the foreign university is a multifaceted process that leads to a large number of requests, issues and procedures that need to be considered, including, full and monitoring. Even the smallest errors or bugs in the application process can lead to failure.

Whereas recognition abroad is a difficult decision to university. We need proper guidance, knowledge and information on the admission process to the university unique to this university and country. Canam Unisearch we do everything we can to make the student admission process simple and smooth International University. We work closely on student applications, the development on the strengths and weaknesses of the explanation. We also help students to prepare top quality statement of objectives (SOP).

A Canam Unisearch we assess students’ proficiency in English and send their suggestions / recommendations for the selection of university admission. We follow with some universities to help a quick and positive response. Canam Unisearch also helps students with comprehensive brochures, CDs and application form.

Canam Unisearch we offer an individual approach to the student’s applications, ensuring error free representation and well presented application. Letter of recommendation (LOR) and intent (SOP) are of great importance in the application process. expert advisors to edit and polish the written documents.

Adequate presentation and documentation of the error-free application usually acts as the deciding factor for student getting the Offer Letter or not. At Canam UniSearch we follow the following procedure for admission:

  • Provide the students with the Application Form
  • Make students understand the procedure of filling up the form
  • Provide the details of the documents required
  • Preparing the written documents: SOP (Statement of Purpose), RECO (Recommendation Letter), Resumes
  • Prepare all the sealed and rightly addressed Envelope packets
  • Sending the application online or via post
  • Tracking delivery of your application to University/college

The best thing about taking assistance or counseling from Canam UniSearch is that the service is provided Free of cost.

Scholarship Guidance

We understand the value of money spent, and try my best to get students to some form of financial assistance in the form of tuition scholarships, grants, exemption from payment requests, etc. All prizes are awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of University studies. The candidate with excellent academics, good performance on standardized exams and extracurricular activities are eligible for scholarships. But this information should be presented in a form that is highlighted and discussed. Canam Unisearch we do our best to help deserving candidates to receive scholarships and financial aid. Furthermore, we identify the programs that are of course alternatives (paid or unpaid), industrial investment, etc., to help students gain a foothold in the workplace before they intend to seek a employment during their periods of study after approval to work.

Scholarships and exemption of financial assistance from the rights granted to foreign students entirely at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee institutions. Candidates with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams and extracurricular achievements will be eligible for scholarships and financial aid. With scientific presentation applications, it is equally important. Some universities offer special show of scholarship / fee / assistance Canam Unisearch students.

Thus, a student who is looking to move to a foreign country for higher education Canam Unisearch your ultimate goal is to get the best advice on how to succeed in winning the scholarship. Scholarship students assistance is provided absolutely free to the Canam Unisearch.

Visa Assistance

Getting a successful student visa is not an easy task. At Canam UniSearch we give free visa guidance to all the candidates. We guide our clients in the entire visa process from filling up applications, preparing financial statements to training candidates for mock interviews. Canam UniSearch staff remains regularly updated on the latest visa documentation rules and this helps us in guiding candidates towards filing their documents in the most presentable manner.
The competent staff at Canam UniSearch assists students with the Visa applications, offer guidelines for financial statements and help students in preparing the file to meet the requirements of various High Commissions to ensure 100 per cent Visa success.
Every country has a different process and procedure for visa filing. We at Canam UniSearch assist students with the adequate information based on country to country. The glaring mistake that majority of the students make filing their papers is of applying with the same old documents of rejected visas. At Canam UniSearch we guide students with the clarity and all the check list information is available at our offices. Based on the checklist for all the countries, the guidelines are given on financial documents and the visa filing process. Here we present the checklist:

Student Application form
Bank draft for the applicable visa processing fees
Offer letter from university/college
Visa Application form
TOEFL/ IELTS score sheet
Copy of academic and work experience documents
Valid passport
Medical reports
Passport size color photograph
A copy of the in-principle approval letter Bank Loan
Copy of Academic documents
Bank statements, Pay slips etc
Travel document
The letter of acceptance from the University
Evidence of sponsorship.
Present form I-20 A-B (also an electronic version of the same through SEVIS) that authenticates acceptance of the student at the DHS approved college
Proof of SEVIS I-901 fee payment
Sufficient knowledge of English
Financial capacity
Proficiency in English
Be of good character
Overseas Student Health Cover

Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd
SCO-18-19,Level 2,Sector-9 D
Chandigarh-160009, INDIA
Whatsapp: 98155 19600
Phone: 0172 5019317, 5079517
Email: info@globizz.in

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