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Family Managed Business


SP Jain School of Global Management Mumbai

Global family business (Global CFG) is the most recent program and most innovative family business with a global impact, and local expertise.
The program aims to train a new generation of a family business with modern and comprehensive education management, so they can be ready to meet the unique challenges of the family business, and develop an understanding of family problems end up causing the company to new heights.
Director program
The program director is Prof. Parimal Merchant, a pillar in the field of family business failed. He has an experience of over 20 years of interaction, education, and more than 3,000 family businesses in India. During its general management, family and working capital are the most sought after courses by students.
He has advised many of the family business, we have created a mark in the business eco system. His public appearances are involved many entrepreneurs inspired hand luggage on their family business to the next generation.
Other faculty members
Other faculty members have developed a niche in the field of managed family business, as they are taught to students of this course more than a decade. They are excellent teachers who have a perfect way to connect with the community of students for personal and business matters, which provides students with advanced training and comfort to ask questions without hesitation.
They are among the most popular among the family of teachers of students managed companies and include Professor Anil Menon, Professor Boman Moradian, professor Rajeev Thakker Professor Samish Dalal, professor Vishal Thakker and others.
World CGF in / with an MBA

Normal MBA is ideal for those seeking to work in the business sector. GFMB ideal for those who want to join their family business and eventually start new businesses.

While MBA could be a focus on functional specialization, GFMB has a focus more on the all-round development with the participation of all aspects of the family business, to be able to work with specialists in all fields.
Family businesses have a business problem and the unique family associated with issues of ownership and control. GFMB The program has a comprehensive coverage of these issues.

Academic Criteria – Graduate in any stream
Business Criteria – If there is a family should have a business exhibition in their own family business
Personal Criteria – Must have a penchant for students should have “fire in the belly” – must be business savvy.

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