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Experience India with IILM

Experience india with IILM

Experience India IIPM is a unique two-week program is specifically designed and configured to appeal to a global citizen. The program is the participation of international students in universities worldwide. Designed to provide a short-term exchange students experience in India while they are learning, the program promotes academic insight, cultural exhibition, industry
cooperation and common development of the game.
India is a country that encapsulates the beauty and mysteries of the rich cultural heritage, the warmth of the people and the diversity of life creates a fascinating eternal memory for the visitor. While in India, students know
the perfect combination of modernity and tradition.
Students will discover the bustle of the second most populous country, with its rich cultural history and natural beauty. The “golden triangle” Delhi, Agra and Jaipur in the holy city on the banks of the River Angels, Rishikesh, India will experience unlike any international students have undertaken before. Being a deeply religious country, all the major religions of the world are presented under a canopy. Away from the bustle of the more populated areas, there are also many civilians and deeply spiritual places for students to explore.
Advanced Management Program (AMP), the FILM project provides an overview of various industries and organizations. If current trends continue, preparing students for the future in the field of management problems. IILM intellectual capital is the best business schools in the world and is part of a respected community. Two weeks program offers academic debate and facilitates the learning process using two to fifteen hours of advanced management programs each. Students can receive credit for two AMP modules covered in the framework of its program. Formal evaluation will follow after each AMP, to provide training guarantee.
Community voluntary service IILM support with NGOs. It will provide students with exposure to working with street children and bring them to the social development sector.
Travel to Agra, Jaipur and Rishikesh were also included in two weeks instead of some of the most popular destinations for visitors from oversea.
Located in Uttar Pradesh, Agra is home to one of the finest architectural wonders of the world “Taj Mahal”. Known for its unique works and inlaid marble, is a small town, which was built and in the power of the Mughals.
The next day trip to Agra will be really interesting for everyone.
Located in the state of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, known as the “Gateway to the Himalayas” is the abode of the sacred Ganges River. The city, known as the “world capital of yoga” produced a myriad of experiences for the visitor. The land of spirituality, peace and provides relaxation and total rejuvenation, which is in contrast to the bustling city life. To make the experience truly enrich your stay will be in the “ashram” – Yogi watching carefully the strength of spirituality. City makes room for extreme sports and rafting on the Ganges.
Rich, vibrant kaleidoscope combined traditions, history and culture. Being the national capital and a booming metropolis, it houses the best institutions, industries, corporate houses, monuments and a large diaspora. Being the capital, Delhi picture “Mini India” and emphasizes the essence of the whole country.
During the 2 weeks in India, participants will be based in New Delhi and will travel to other places to visit. IILM accept all students and provide a safe and secure housing in our Gurgaon NCR campus.
Jaipur city captivates, fascinates and really beautiful, where students will have an idea of traditional India. He is known for the small and medium industry and handicrafts. Besides forts and palaces, the rich heritage of the city attracts people to ethnicity and culture.
Start each week covers classes on cultural awareness, excursions, travel, industrial and volunteer visits, and ends with the Advanced Management Program of the weekend. The overall program includes education management components, convenient and lively exhibition of Indian Industry in conjunction with memorable moments tourism, spirituality and adventure. And last but not least, to make the experience complete, the spicy taste of Indian flavors blend of cuisines and culinary delights from all over India will create an unforgettable memory. IILM hope to welcome students from all over the world, taking them by an incredible travel experience in India.

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