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Edu Trust Consultants


Edu Trust Consultants

Location: Chennai
Branches: Chennai
Countries Dealing In: NewZealand, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland
Estabilished In: 2014

Edutrust represents over 150 leading educational institutions worldwide. We offer end to end services for students; directly from the definition of the track to the right destination. We played a major role in helping many students to realize their dream of studying abroad come true.
Our staff is well trained and well experienced issues international students. Most of them have visited almost all countries and institutions we represent. With the help of regular seminars, sessions of personal self-development and evaluation of new technologies and learning methods, changes in policy, each of our employees to maintain their level of knowledge in the subject and brings add value to our services for students. They understand the needs of students and guide students ethically.
We have tie ups with many major universities and colleges abroad, and so students get the most out of preference Edutrust. Finance is the biggest problem faced by many students, but our region in this area will ensure that you get the loan you need quickly and easily. In addition, you can enjoy a purse or even earn while you learn by your education is quite affordable.
Our professional team provides a turnkey solution for the treatment of the whole of obtaining an education abroad program process. We start by helping you choose the right university, get an I-20 to help you with your banking lending procedures, to guide you to obtain a visa and even ensure you get the best travel deals and airfare to go abroad at a rapid pace. We also have plans on the anvil to provide hosting services. Now let your dreams take wing, study abroad without any hassle!

Visa is one of the most important aspects of your products for foreign studies. Visa, however, can also be one of the most difficult aspects of preparation. This is an aspect that you ask for advice.

the Edutrust education has a great relationship with embassies and high commissions around the world and has the ability to provide precise study of information to student visa from abroad demand a seamless experience visas to study abroad.
Our experienced team study abroad visa consultants has experience in all countries and can guide you through the complex maze of the preparation and submission of the visa application.
You can benefit from our comprehensive set of recommendations to ensure that you are fully prepared, using our guidelines for the collection of relevant documentation. It also includes all the important aspects and financial assistance to key aspects of any interview you may have with the High Commission or Embassy. With education edutrust, you can be sure you’ll solve all relevant studies abroad visa requirements successfully.

Edutrust In education, we are here to help you apply for a visa with a minimum of hassle and stress.
With the help of our experienced consultants visa, you can be sure you are doing all the necessary conditions for obtaining visas and requirements with ease. Our consultants will also carefully examine documents and check if everything is in order before submitting.
Our professional consultants will also provide you a significant checklist to help you prepare for your visa interview, if necessary. Edutrust Education Consultants make the application of complex process of a student visa is very simple and easy. Experts know how to guide students throughout the study process student visa from abroad.
Visa to the US – F-1 visa is a university student visa, which allows students to study in a university and accredited colleges in the United States. After receiving the I-20, confirming that the student has been accepted to college, he or she must pay the visa fees and the SEVIS fee before booking appointments for visa, fill out a form for a visa.

If you make a visa application in the UK, our experienced consultants will provide advice and guidance in the process. In order to get a visa to the UK, you must have the right to a standard system based on points 4. You must have at least 40 points to get a student visa to the UK.
For Australian student visas, our experienced consultants will help you identify the type of visa you need to apply based on the courses you plan to take. Australian student visa must be used within 12 weeks before the orientation of the institute.

To obtain permission to study, Canadian visa required to provide several documents, including the unconditional acceptance letter, passport size photos, passport, ticket fees, academic papers, financial documents, all relevant correspondence with university scholarship letter, if any, medical records, work experience and details of the test results. In addition to providing the right advice for Canadian expert consultants visa Edutrust education also review your documents.

Contact Edutrust education right now to the full study abroad the student visa information and guidance.

We offer the best educational services and career advice to students absolutely free!
education consultant Edutrust offer expert advice to make your dream of getting an international world class qualification to grow faster in your career. It will not only help you choose the right path, the college and the country, but also advise you on your career goals in the industry.
You need to know the facts about studying abroad, and the best in your budget. Not just a sales pitch stakeholders. A wrong decision and it affect you for the rest of life. So choose carefully.

Edutrust education consultant will help you:

  • Objective, expert advice, to be eligible for entry in the best according to your profile
  • Applications and Admission – deadlines
  •  Deposit Visa, interview preparation – for a student visa
  • Accommodation and food services – To make a smooth transition to a new beginning
  • Career guidance – ensure your investment is paying.

Choose the right path:

You must know what is obviously best for you: a bachelor’s degree, master’s or MBA? With different specializations available to you need to make the right choice. That’s where experience is educational consultant Edutrust. It will help you choose what is best for you after a careful and a proven process in the short list. Say you want to specialize in the management of the restaurant, so we’ll help you choose the best in restaurant management. If you want to choose a course which offers paid internships in the course, we will help you choose the best. If you want to work for several years in the same country, after the end of the course, we’ll help you do it.

Choosing the right college:

Note is important. If you can afford it, go for the best. Just how do you choose the best hotel brand to work, to choose the best college based on your budget. With hundreds of colleges to choose from, you can get lost. How to classify colleges? Choose wisely College – see what your requirement and your pocket.

No : 81, Kutchery road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.

Ph : +91 44 2464 0033 / 2464 2575   

Mobile : +91 90030 76571 / 87545 45252

Email : info@edutrust.in

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