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Courses with the best ROI in UK

Courses with Best ROI in UK

Courses with the highest return on investment in the UK: Some of the main problems for students

pursuing a bachelor's degree or master's degrees abroad, whether or not related to the benefits,

how much time will pass before make a profit and measuring whether a safe investment value. The

original question and the answers are clear needs like a normal level from abroad worth more than $

100,000 – including tuition fees and living expenses. Now, when that kind of money is involved,

prevention is better than cure; In other words, get the power on the ROI of the various courses is the

key to making an informed choice.

MBA is one of the highest ROIs and so the list of courses with the highest return on investment in

the UK. But what other way and what are the best places in the UK to study? With more than half a

dozen universities in the list of top universities in the world, the UK is a natural magnet for Indian

and foreign students, and it is only appropriate that students know they are negotiating. Here we

bring you a list of courses with some of the highest ROIs as well as universities and schools in order

to achieve them.

Read on and you will encounter many interesting details about the courses with the best return on

investment in the UK:



The charm of mathematics continues to endure with the former taking an average of £ 39,015,

placing them among the highest paid professionals in the UK. This is just the tip of the iceberg,

though, as the statistics show wages to grow rapidly as you move up the ladder. At higher levels, the

salary up to £ 70,000 (give or take a few thousand, depending on the sector). Given the level of

mathematics postgraduate costs around £ 15,000- £ 25,000, return on investment, of course,



In addition, the employment prospects for mathematics will only be iridescent, as stated in the

report published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market will grow by over 20% in 2022.

Growth will be driven by companies put more emphasis on technology, big data and profitability.

This will help the average wage increase for the last $ 100,000. enough to mathematics, to take his

place as one of the best courses with the best return on investment in the United Kingdom Reason.

Mathematics flourished because of its ability to grow and branch out from these fundamental

disciplines such as applied mathematics, as well as for accommodation and integration with a variety

of disciplines such as philosophy of philosophy offered by institutions such as University of Oxford,

for example.

Scope career: Being one of the best courses with the best return on investment in the UK, math

graduates often find their calling as financial officers, accountants, bankers and statisticians that

absorb much of the graduates . Other lucrative career options include working in the field of

actuarial science and risk management, to aerospace, information technology and computing, and



QS Academic Ranking of World Universities in Mathematics 2015:

Name of the University                                          World Ranking                                       Yearly fees

University of Cambridge                                                  2                                                    £15,816

University of Oxford                                                        3                                                    £22,515

Imperial College London                                                11                                                    £24,000

The University of Edinburgh                                          29                                                   £15,850

The University of Warwick                                            44                                                   £21,200


Civil Engineering:

The second oldest building industry machinery, civil engineering held the fort as one of the most

trusted professions in the world. According to a list of 10 courses with the best return on investment

in the UK, published by Business Insider, civil construction to £ 44,851 ($ 70,131) is a course with the

highest wages. Now, even if we accede to the fact that each agency uses a variety of indicators and

criteria for their search, and thus produces different results, but these ranking lists a fair assessment

of how things work in the real world. These guys are trying to build bridges, dams, railways,

buildings, skyscrapers, life does not complain, although while others who dream of following in their

footsteps if you feel encouraged.


The teaching of civil engineering in the UK is a student around £ 75,000 £ 50,000 (tuition only), held

on current wages, can easily be recovered in a few years. This is what makes the civil engineering

one of the best courses with the best return on investment in the UK.


Career prospects: Some popular places include a civil engineer, surveyor, contractor, consulting

engineer engineering site structural engineer. As a technical consultant, graduates will need to plan

and design projects, while entrepreneurs because they will be responsible for organizing and

supervising the work on site.


QS Academic Ranking of World Universities in Civil Engineering 2015:

Name of the University                                  World Ranking                                  Yearly fees

Imperial College London                                          4                                                        £26,750

University of Cambridge                                          5                                                        £24,069

University of Oxford                                               23                                                      £15,295 to £22,515

The University of Manchester                                 39                                                     £20,500

The University of Sheffield                                     48                                                     £14,500 and £18,750



How to become a qualified architect can not be a bed of roses (industry estimate that it takes about

7 years to become one), but when you wear the badge is not looking back. With the average salary

in the range of £ 40,788 ($ 63,778), as well as key positions for the imminent construction boom in

London and elsewhere, including in the south, the architects have never had it so good. In addition,

the architecture is by no means an expensive level of supply, which, when seen in the light of the

salary on offer in fact a candidate for the course with the best return on investment in the UK .

Institutions such as the University College London have an excellent placement record, and good

places to get a degree. Students here are also moving away from the use high salary that is more

satisfying and inclined creative industries such as film production, web design and furniture design.

Career prospects: degree holders generally find work as architects and interior designers.


QS Academic Ranking of World Universities in Architecture 2015:

Name of the University                                                    World Ranking                                         Yearly fees

UCL (University College London)                                                       2                                                          £21,320

University of Cambridge                                                                     9                                                          £20,697

Cardiff University                                                                               29                                                        £17,500

University of Salford                                                                          39                                                         £12,300

The University of Sheffield                                                                 44                                                        £14,500 and £18,750



Since we live in a world increasingly tech-savvy, it would be expected that the degree of how

computer science would find many takers. Currently, the geeks are raking in £ 41,950 and the

appearance of things, they should remain the main dogs of time. There are several contributing

factors to computer science grow while demand for people who can create websites or can develop

a strong database. Britain is one of the best places to get a degree in computer science, he gave a

full four institutions in the top 50 universities for computers, assembled QS.


For students that prevent a decision if they are not convinced that IT is one of the courses with the

best return on investment in the UK, statistics help make their mind. They can cast doubt feel secure

in the conviction that decent work is waiting for them to fully concentrate on their studies.

Career prospects: IT graduate wears many hats: Database Administrator, game developer, IT

consultant, network engineer and designer of the system. Most profiles provide high packet for

graduates, making IT one of the best courses with the best return on investment in the UK.


QS Academic Ranking of World Universities in Computer Science 2015:


Name of the University                                              World Ranking                                      Yearly fees

University of Oxford                                                                    3                                                  £15,295 to £22,515

University of Cambridge                                                              7                                                      £24,069

The University of Edinburgh                                                     14                                                  £25,900 (Full-time) / £8,635 (Part-time)

Imperial College London                                                           15                                                          £ 20,500.00

Kings College London                                                               51-100                                                      £21,750



He did not need to be a genius to understand that MBA pays well; otherwise, there would be a long

queue of students entering the business school. Furthermore, it is known that the MBA is one of the

most expensive around, but even this could not be a limiting factor. According to the Survey 2013

AMBA career, the average salary of graduates of MBA AMBA accredited business schools touched as

high as £ 82,000, almost monopolizing competition. As an MBA from the Graduate Institute in the

UK will cost anything between £ 100,000 to £ 200,000, it will be about to take, for example, a

graduate of the London Business School at most three to four years to wipe the investment and start

making a profit, and thus strengthen its claim as a permanent member of the class with the best

return on investment in the UK.


According to the FT, an MBA can help nearly doubled his salary to the MBA, another example of the

value of an MBA, and why it is considered one of the primary course with the best return on

investment in the UK.


Career prospects: While the career of an MBA is as versatile as it gets some of the career of the most

popular options include roles in the areas of accounting, human resources, management, sales,

product management, technology management and Marketing


Top universities to get an MBA degree (QS ranking):

Name of the University                                        World Ranking                                     Yearly fees

London Business School                                                     1                                                            £67,750

University of Cambridge: Judge Business School                13                                                         £49,000

University of Oxford: Saïd Business School                        22                                                          £50,200

Imperial College Business School                                       34                                                          £45,000

Alliance Manchester Business School                                35                                                      £41,000 – $64,575



One of the oldest and most respected professions, medicine is your passport to the security

of life. The activation of one of the point of view of the best job security and long term,

medicine continues to be a career choice for hundreds of students who are also attracted to

its humanitarian values. medical degree holders earn an average of £ 28,525, which may not

look like much, but considering that the medical profession is unlikely to see a decline in

activity, a steady stream of money will not be affected in near future (if ever). Moreover,

even walking on current wages, medical students can erase the deficit rather quickly, so that

the drug can not be counted course with the best return on investment in the UK.

Career prospects: The path of normal career includes work as a general practitioner and

surgeon's house. They can also go on to become a geneticist or molecular clinical health

services manager.


QS Academic Ranking of World Universities in Medicine 2015:

Name of the University                                          World Ranking                              Yearly fees

University of Oxford                                                                2                                            £15,295 and £22,515*

University of Cambridge                                                          3                                              £38,283

UCL (University College London)                                          10                                              £30,800

Imperial College London                                                        11                                              £37,100

Kings College London                                                           24                                               £21,750


Before choosing one of the courses with the best return on investment in the UK, students

are encouraged to spend the admission procedure and check the conditions of entry that

knowledge of the English language test (IELTS / TOEFL / ETP) and GRE scores, because this

will make the process smooth and painless. Another important suggestion is to check the

international scholarships offered by colleges and universities, and see if you want to

integrate. If you are fit, it can make a positive contribution to the return on investment.

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