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Career Impact Consultants


Career Impact Consultants

Location: Mumbai
Branches: Mumbai
Countries Dealing In: Australia, NewZealand, Singapore, Germany, France, Ireland
Estabilished In: 1999

Career Impact Institute career was founded by Mrs. Bhavna Naithani. It trains students to take courses abroad during the last fifteen years. She was a brilliant student during his study period. She was the second in Ranker B.Sc. Satheya (Parle) College. After B.Sc., she kept being chartered accountant. Because of its tendency to research, she started to train students for higher education abroad and in India. His outstanding teaching skills helped students achieve good results, and she founded the Institute of Career impact in 1999.

Mr. Prasen Naithani co-founder of the career impact is a member of a member of the Institute of Secretaries General of India, the Faculty of Law and the MBA. It is the NMIMS faculty, institutes Prime Management in Mumbai over the past 10 years.

Skills Career Impact are the foundation of the organization. Our ability to consist of highly qualified and experienced teachers. Whatever your dreams or aspirations may be, Career Impact helps you achieve them, analyzing your weaknesses and empower you with the knowledge you need, you provide personalized advice and attention from our highly qualified faculty and experienced plenty.

Students receive a visa by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) .DIAC will provide you a student visa if your course is registered, or is part of a registered course on a regular basis.

Visit the Commonwealth Register of courses and institutions for overseas students (CRICOS website) for more information about courses registered and educational services.

Courses for the three months may be held on a visitor visa or course up to four months on a working holiday visa. If you intend to study the long term, you must apply for a student visa. The benefits of training on a student visa include:

  • Guests have access to subsidies for health coverage for students in Australia.
  • You will be allowed to study longer.
  • You can work part-time.

To obtain a student visa, you will need:

  • Apply for a student visa
  • Pay the registration fee
  • Provide a valid passport
  • Provide relevant information on the financial ability to pay for studies
  • Provide relevant information on science and the English language
  • Provide electronic Coe (electronic confirmation of enrollment) for the course
  • Provide information that you have for Foreign Students Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Make sure that you are of good character, good health and not have debts to the Australian Government.



With more than 330,000 foreign students currently studying in Australia, Australian education standards are unprecedented. Representing 54 different nationalities, foreign students have made Australia the third most popular destination for education in the world.

Australia has a market economy with a per capita GDP higher per capita and low poverty level. Australian dollar is the currency of the nation. Australia has a market economy with a strong GDF captain and low poverty level. Australia is the thirteenth largest economy in the world and fifth place in the capital and a low level of poverty. Australia is the thirteenth largest economy in the world and has the fifth largest GDP per capita of $ 66,984: significantly higher than that of the United States. UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan and New Zealand. The country ranks second in the Human Development Index of the United Nations 2011. Melbourne reached number one in the list of the Economist in 2011 the most pleasant cities in the world, followed by Sydney, Perth and Adelaide in the sixth, eighth and ninth place respectively. In common with many other developed countries, Australia is experiencing a demographic shift towards an older population, with more retirees and fewer people of working age.

Scope of During Work and after the tests:

Within the framework of existing mechanisms, holders of a student visa and their family members (except research master’s or doctorate load that can work full time). It can work up to 20 hours per week during the period after the course began. And an unlimited number of hours when the course is not in session. Under the proposed mechanism, the work will be measured in terms of student visa to 4 hours every two weeks during the two-week session is 14 days, starting Monday.

Starting next year, students will be eligible for a maximum of four years of research, depending on the level of training, passed. Previously, students were only allowed 18 months after the study of the work, they eventually chose skilled professions (medicine, professions, engineering, etc.) Now all of higher education, regardless of the field studies are eligible.

601, A Wing, Venus Tower,
Above Axis Bank, Veera Desai Road Andheri (W),
Mumbai 400053
Tel: 022 2674 4476 Mo: 098 2040 0325

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