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Abroad Admits Consultants

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Final AA Logo

Abroad Admits Consultants

Location: Chennai
Branches: Chennai
Countries Dealing In: NewZealand, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore
Estabilished In: 2001

Abroad admits is a professional consulting firm to work guiding students to research and purchase of admissions in different universities and institutes abroad.

Abroad admits is based in Chennai. Over the past seven years, he admits abroad has transformed many students career ambitions, guiding the apt program of research institutions and countries on the basis of applicants ambitions, financial possibilities and individual choice.

Abroad Admits operates the following websites :

1)  abroadadmits.com for those who are interested to study in countries like New Zealand , France , Australia , Singapore ,       Malaysia , Canada , UK , and so on , where we procure admissions in those partnered universities & institutes

2)  usadmits.com for those who wish to study in The US or Germany and wish to avail our counseling and application services.       The services here comprises.

a)  Shortlisting of universities
b)  Preparation or review of SOPs
c)  Review of LORs
d)  Online Application filling
e)  Visa Guidance
f)   Loan arrangements
g)  Travel, Ticketing , Insurance , For-ex arrangements

The benefits of studying abroad do not require special mention. The students receive a world-class experience in the techniques and teaching methods. Education abroad increases the value of your opportunities for education and employment.

Taught by highly qualified teachers, and students around the world, students develop important transnational competences that are crucial for global businesses today, and it will promote your career breaks and progression.

Studying abroad can broaden your intellectual horizons and deepen their knowledge and understanding of international issues, political and economic.

So, study abroad offers the following key benefits

world-class technology and teaching methods
Broader and new opportunities for global business
A higher level of relations between the citizens of the world
rapid growth and career achievement
Even in your own country, you can see around him a number of successful people with international education. The trend is growing. More and more people are employed and take time from their business life, to study abroad, and armed a global context of education in foreign universities to improve their promotion.

Our range of service is comrehensive and is tailor made to suit the requirements of each and every student . The services offered by us are

·         Shortlisting of Universities

·         Preparation or Review of Statement of Purpose

·         Preparation or Review of Personal Statements

·         Preparation or Review of Academic Statements

·         Preaparation or Review of Diversity Statements

·         Life Goal Essays

·         Proof Reading or Vetting of Letters of Recommendation

·         Application filling and generation of Login credentials

·         Visa Guidance and Mock Interviews basis admit status

·         Travel advisory and support services

What sets us apart is that we go that extra mile in our personalised service to you

·         PERSONALISED COUNSELLING  – The counsellor allocated to you does a end to end handholding during all the stage in the process ensuring a one point contact for each of the different work in the process

·         STAGE BY STAGE PROCESS –  The counselling procedure that we follow is segregated into various stages. The counsellor , along with the student , focusses on perfecting  the output at each stage to ensure that the end result of the enrite process has undergone the best effort and careful scrutiny at each stage .

·         EXTREMELY ACCESSIBLE –  We are extremely accessible . The personal counsellor  assigned to handle your process ,other than being  always available online and over the phone during office hours on all working days, also , with advance notice , strives his best to make himself available for your queries and support requirement on holidays too in case of urgent requirements .

·         MULTIPLE CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION  – Our website chat option allows you instant communication through the portal itself thereby providing speed of communication in a No – Cost model for you to discuss any item with us. The Click to Call option is also available .

·         INFORMATION STORED – The web based interactive platform ensures that all discussions are recorded for future references and timelines are also adhered to . All information related to shortlisted universities, LOR, online applications, SOP, Pre-departure information, Visa can be accessed with the help of personal interactive webpage. This provides a single check point for all your stages instead of searching through multitudes of mails.

·         DATABASE ON UNIVERSITIES –  Our database on various universities , updated from time to time, helps you do comparative study of various universities. Added to this , any specific updates about any univeristy received by us , will also be uploaded in the website.

·         PACKAGES TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS – We offer our services covering all the services mentioned . However for those who wish to avail only specific  services , we have a service specific packages  too.

1st Floor, 3rd Main Road

Gandhi Nagar, Adyar

Chennai, India – 600 020

Landline: +91 – 44 – 43081998

+91 – 44 – 43081999

Mobile: +91 – 9043033601

+91 – 9043033602

+91 – 9043033603


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