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360 Abroad Consultants


360 Abroad Consultants

Location: Chennai
Branches: Trichy, Coimbatore, Mangalore
Countries Dealing In: Australia, Canada, UK, NewZealand, USA,  Singapore, Dubai, Ireland, South Africa
Estabilished In: 2014

360 abroad is the Agency for experienced migration in the visa. We understand that the immigration law is complex and changes regularly. Without a thorough knowledge of the law, policies and regulations, it is more likely that fail unattended visa or face long delays. In fact, a recent report indicates that over 40% visas were rejected. Taking into account that government fees for visas do not return, and that the refusal is again start a long process, it is very important to prepare, finalize and submit a complete application and precise for a visa from the beginning. We are confident that this will happen.

We have a migration experience leading consultant companies. We adhere to the rules established by the respective governments. We regularly participate in seminars and conferences, to ensure that we are updated with the policy changes.

Because our team includes people from different backgrounds, including engineers, accountants, lawyers and teachers, we can provide a broad understanding of a visa. The combination of expertise from various disciplines means that we can see your chances of getting a visa from a number of angles.

360 abroad has alliances with leading organizations that can help you settle abroad on arrival. We can put you in touch with people you trust and whose companies to understand the specific needs of newly arrived migrants.

  1. Because we are good, we do. We operate professionally and we are reliable.
  2. We offer personalized service. We keep your confidential data.
  3. We will not take your case, if we are not familiar with it, and shows promise. This thinking has enabled us to achieve an excellent balance sheet.
  4. Our customer service and response time for the paying customers are among the best in the industry.
  5. We take the trouble to present his case well. Put the lid on the number of visas that we are working, we can make the necessary setting point their application needs. Our “victory” is not based on luck!
  6. We specialize in skilled labor migration. In this regard, we have the skills and experience in the housing of the migration of skilled labor to considerable high performance applications.
  7. Our prices are reasonable. Our customers have confirmed that we offer excellent value for money.
  8. We have received excellent feedback.
  9. A significant percentage of our business from customer referrals.

360 stranger here in the long term. Our performance and reputation is the key to our continued success. To this end, it is our goal to make our customers’ tells your friends and family that their experience with us was positive.

It helps you take advantage of our services:

  • Maximize your chances of success in your skills, sponsorship and visas
  • Advice on procedural issues
  • Minimize problems and delays caused by lack of knowledge of law and immigration procedures

A 360 abroad, we understand that the leadership of law is of paramount importance for foreign studies. This applies to both prospective students and their parents. With so many countries, universities and courses to choose from, it is very important that the most appropriate direction given to students and professional. Well, we are committed to provide definitive solutions to all questions regarding foreign studies. Our range of services focused on achieving this goal.

For universities that we present, we act as their local reception to facilitate all aspects of the application, including its shipping, and after college.

Counseling and Guidance for Career & Course Selection

If in doubt, seek the best advice. A 360 abroad, that’s exactly what you get. Yes, we will systematically guide you through the maze of applications you better understand and find solutions best suited to your profile. We will ensure that you choose the path that will meet their career ambitions. Our personal guide to ensure you choose the courses that are perfect in your career or personal goals.

Choosing University

University selection task is very critical and difficult. Fortunately, our team of experts are here to help you make the right choice. First, we take all possible measures to meet you. It would then be easier for us to get you to the apt place that contributes to your academic profile and personality. It is absolutely non-profit, and is not limited to the universities we represent.

Admission formalities and visa obtaining procedure

A 360 abroad, we focus heavily on your application and give much attention to those areas that are important for the well-represented by the infallibility of the application. We help reference and all important information on the target. We assess the English language and, if necessary, to recommend rejection of IELTS / TOEFL. The universities we represent to accept our praise resells.

This is not to all. We regularly monitor with selected universities and ensure that positive and rapid reaction occurs. We also send our recommendation highlighting their strengths and reasons why your application should be accepted. University as part of their evaluation believes this. We will help you with visa formalities, including complete questionnaires, financial reports, training students for a telephone or personal interview, if any, etc.

All this will play a positive role in the realization of your dreams to get the best education abroad.

Head Office

# 14 A, Block “A”,
3rd Floor, AARAI Complex,
3rd Avenue, Annanagar East,
Near Rountana, Chennai – 600 102
Tamil Nadu, India
Moble: +91 96000 21414
Phone: +91-44-42611969/ 979

Branch Office


# 6, Thillai Nagar Main Road,
11th Cross, 1st Floor,
Trichy – 620 018
Moble: +91 96000 21414
# 411, Bharathiar road,
Coimbatore – 44.
(Diagonally Opp Women’s Polytechnic)
Moble: +91 96000 21414
#4, 70-50 / 36,
Embassy Plaza, Mahaveera Circle,
Mangalore – 575 002.
Moble: +91 96000 21414
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